Imagine arriving at a checkpoint, busting to use the restroom, and being ushered to your very own private toilet. Well for one lucky team (per distance) this will be the reality, there will be no waiting around in lines – instead you’ll be ushered to your very own personal Money Dunny! Complete with 3ply toilet paper, no muddy footprints, and plentiful soap (hula girls not included!).

Take part in our ‘Money Dunny’ fundraising competition and go into the draw to win your own team toilet at every checkpoint along the trail.

Our very own toilet? Great! How do we win?

It’s easy. For every donation of $100 that you receive between 11am Thursday 10 May and 5pm on Tuesday 12 June (new extended deadline!) you will get one entry into the draw to win. If you receive a donation of $500 that would be five entries into the draw, and $1000 would give you ten entries and so on… So the more donations you receive, the more chance you have of winning.

When: Thursday 10 May to Tuesday 12 June (new extended deadline!)
How: Every donation of $100 = one entry into the draw.
Single donations of multiple hundreds = multiple entries.
What: Access to your own private portaloo at the checkpoints

n.b. A donation must be $100 or more to be eligible, two $50 donations will not get you an entry. There is no limit to the number of entries you can receive.

When will the winning team be announced?

Brisbane: Thursday 14 June at Safety Briefing Night

Why the money dunny?

Working toilets are something that we all take for granted, yet around the world, millions of people get sick or die each day because they go without access to functioning, safe toilets. Just $120 is enough to provide a toilet for 40 people in an area affected by natural disaster.

Watch our video to see how innovative toilets in Kenyan slums are saving lives, providing a livelihood and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Use this email to ask for donations

Dear [insert name],

Working toilets are something we all take for granted, yet around the world, millions of people get sick or die each day because they must go without access to safe, functioning facilities.

I’m walking [XXXkm] with three friends in Oxfam Trailwalker because I believe everyone has the right to access this basic life-saving sanitation, and use the bathroom with dignity. Oxfam Australia works globally to bring basic needs to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

So today I am asking you to make a donation of $100, or whatever you can spare, to my team to help us to make a difference. $1000 is enough to provide a waterless toilet (an enviroloo) at a school in Kenya, providing hundreds of children with daily sanitation.

Not only could this donation be used to provide toilets around the world, reducing the risk of people dying from preventable diseases, it will also secure our team an entry into a draw to win our own private portaloo at checkpoints along the trail. After walking sections of bush trail upwards of 17km at a time, this is something we will be grateful for!

Visit my Oxfam Trailwalker team page to donate [insert your Teamspace URL].

To see the incredible difference that a clean, functioning toilet can make to children’s lives, I recommend you watch this inspiring video and then donate to my team.

Thank you in advance for your support,
[Insert name and team name]