Early Friday morning in Mt Glorious, on the outskirts of Brisbane. It’s just the break of dawn, and the first teams start arriving. It’s brisk and chilly, but that doesn’t faze anyone.

Every single person here is aware that something grand is about to happen – teams of four are walking 100km in a bid to help tackle poverty around the world – and there is no turning back now. You can already feel the buzz and the excitement in the air – it doesn’t get much better than an Oxfam Trailwalker start line!

There’s plenty of teams here, each with four walkers, and they are all getting ready – each in their own way. Some stretch or apply some last-minute tape to feet and legs, to prepare for the physical challenge that is ahead of them. Others take the opportunity to capture this unique moment with photos and videos – for posterity! Many look like they’re meditating, or simply concentrating hard – having a calm mind is important when you’re about to head off on the adventure of a lifetime.

The sun is just coming up, and starts to shed light on why Mt Glorious is named so. A beautiful landscape slowly unfolds before us- rolling hills and greenery as far as the eye can see. Brisbane is definitely a strong contender for “most beautiful Trailwalker trail” – not just in Australia but all around the world!


Team Yeppoon Snappers, dressed to impress!


Jinibara elder Uncle Noel Blair delivers a powerful Welcome to Country just before the teams head off. His heartening speech touches on important subjects like tackling poverty, protecting the environment and walking together in reconciliation. “May the spirits of our ancestors guide you to the end of your journey – and bloody good luck too!”

And just like that, they’re off. The finish line is still 100km away in Mt Coot-tha – but these teams are already winners, as they have raised more than $600,000 that will go a long way to help some of the most vulnerable communities in the 79 countries where Oxfam Australia works. You can help these heroes in their efforts too – encourage your favourite team to go the distance with a tax-deductible donation.

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