What is Oxfam Trailwalker?

Oxfam Trailwalker is an inspiring and challenging event that changes lives, and every step you take helps raise vital funds to support people living in poverty. You’ll be part of a global phenomenon where ordinary people achieve something extraordinary and make a lasting difference by supporting Oxfam’s work around the world.  You and three mates will journey through 100km of bush trail within 48 hours. It’s not a relay. Your team has to start together, stick together and finish together — it’s tough, but with the right training and attitude you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. The feeling when you cross the finish line will be something you’ll never forget.

Read more about the history of Oxfam Trailwalker here. On this page you’ll find the answers to all the big Oxfam Trailwalker questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact the Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker staff.

Melbourne Trailwalker

What date is the Melbourne event?

The Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker will run on the weekend of 27-29 March 2020.

Why has the trail been changed for Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2020?

We listened to your feedback and we decided to update the trail as requested by you, our dedicated Oxfam Trailwalker’s. We believe the new challenge will appeal to past and new Trailwalker’s alike and we anticipate high demand for the 2020 event.

Where is the trail? What is the trail like?

This years Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne will be 100km and will start at Endeavour Hills and finish in Heidelberg Park. Please check out the Melbourne trail section of the website where you’ll find a trail overview, trail breakdown, distances and maps to download. Each section of the trail has a difficulty rating that has been developed using the Australian Walking Track Grading System and is graded from its hardest component.

Why is the 50km event not running this year?

There are no plans to introduce a 50km event to the Melbourne Trailwalker 2020 event at this stage. Oxfam Trailwalker is always a logistically challenging event to deliver and in considering the delivery of an updated trail, the suitability of a start venue for a 50km start and the level of engagement we have had with more than 10 councils, land holders and supporting stakeholders along the updated trail, we have this year decided to focus solely on the 100km event.

What are the start times for Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2020?

6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am

Raise a minimum of $3,500 by 5pm, Friday 14 February 2020 and you can win the start time competition to choose your own start time! The start time competition is a fundraising competition which allows teams to choose their start time or start at 6am if they raise more than $3500 (the average raised in 2019).

Each start wave will be capped at 150 teams. This is for safety reasons  and we want you to have the best walking experience possible. If you have raised more than $0 but are one of the 150 lowest fundraising teams you could be allocated a 10am start time. This is because all other start times have been exhausted and we must keep the safety of our walkers as a priority. Start times will be announced via your Teamspace on Thursday 20 February 2020.


Brisbane Trailwalker

What date is the Brisbane event?

The Brisbane Oxfam Trailwalker will run on the weekend of 19-21  June 2020. Registrations will open in October.

Where is the trail? What is the trail like?

This years Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane will be 100km and will start at Mount Glorious and finish at Hoop Pine Picnic Area, Mount Coot-tha. Please check out the Brisbane trail section of the website where you’ll find a trail overview, trail breakdown, distances and maps to download. Each section of the trail has a difficulty rating that has been developed using the Australian Walking Track Grading System and is graded from its hardest component.

Please note that you while the start line is at Mount Glorious, team registration is at Bellbird Grove and we will then bus you up to the start line at Mt Glorious.

Why is the 55km event not running this year?

For 2020 we have decided to return to our roots as Australia’s original team endurance challenge. At a time when the world needs action, we are asking you to step up to our original 100km challenge. We know you can achieve something incredible, and this year you have the opportunity to do so.

Sydney Trailwalker

What date is the Sydney event?

The Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker will run 21-23 August 2020. Registrations will open November 19th.

Where is the trail? What is the trail like?

This years Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney will be 100km and will start at Parsley Bay and finish at Tania Park. Please check out the Sydney trail section of the website where you’ll find a trail overview, trail breakdown, distances and maps to download. Each section of the trail has a difficulty rating that has been developed using the Australian Walking Track Grading System and is graded from its hardest component.

Why is the 50km event not running this year?

For 2020 we have decided to return to our roots as Australia’s original team endurance challenge. At a time when the world needs action, we are asking you to step up to our original 100km challenge. We know you can achieve something incredible, and this year you have the opportunity to do so.

Register your team

Oxfam Trailwalker registration fees have been updated for 2020, prioritizing teams who get in early with the best price available.

The main benefit of registering early is securing the cheapest registration fee, but it also gives you plenty of time to plan, train and fundraise (you’ll also get the pick of the bunch when it comes to team names!).

Melbourne 2020:

Early Bird $599 Opens: Tue 20 August. Closes Sun 1 September
First Release $699 Opens Mon 2 September. Closes Sun 20 October
Second Release $749 Opens Mon 21 October. Closes Sun 8 December
Third Release TBC Opens Mon 9 December. Closes Sunday 2 February

Brisbane 2020:

Early Bird $599 Opens: Tue 22 October. Closes Sun 17 November
First Release $699 Opens Mon 18 November. Closes Sun 19 January
Second Release $749 Opens Mon 20 January. Closes Sunday 2 February
Third Release  TBC Opens Mon 9 March. Closes 3 May

Sydney 2020:

Early Bird $599 Opens: Tue 19 November. Closes Sun 15 December
First Release $699 Opens Mon 16 December. Closes Sun 23 February
Second Release $749 Opens Mon 24 February. Closes Sunday 10 May
Third Release  TBC Opens Mon 11 May. Closes Sunday 5 July

The registration process is started by the team leader and is broken down into two stages: (1) team leader registration and (2) team member registration.

Stage 1: Team leader registration The team leader will commence the registration process by paying the registration fee and entering the team information, including: 1. Team information:

  • Team name
  • Estimated finish time (The average time taken by teams to complete Oxfam Trailwalker ranges from 28–32 hours for the 100km.)
  • Team category (The industry you are mostly representing. If none are applicable, choose ‘Family & Friends’.)

2. Team leader’s personal information, including contact details, phone number(s) and emergency contact information. 3. Team member information x 3, including full names and a unique email address for each team member. 4. Payment details. You will be required to pay the registration fee by credit card via our secure payment facility. 5. Terms and Conditions. You must read and accept (tick) that you have read, understood and acknowledged our terms and conditions information for the event. (Past participants: this section is in lieu of the team filling in a paper waiver).

Stage 2: Registration to be filled out by team members Once the team leader has completed the team registration section, each team member will then receive an email with a link to register their details. The team leader will also receive a copy of each email that goes to the team members. Each individual team member is responsible for completing the following details: 1. Personal information (team member’s details) including contact details, phone number(s) and emergency contact information. 2. Terms and Conditions. You must read and accept (tick) that you have read, understood and acknowledged our terms and conditions information for the event. The team leader will receive a confirmation email for every team member that completes their part of the registration process. Once all three team members have completed their registration process, the team place is finalised and secured. The team leader will receive an email confirming the team’s spot for Oxfam Trailwalker.

Note: Your team place is not secured until all team members have confirmed their personal details online. Team members have two weeks to complete the registration process or your preliminary team place may be forfeited and made available to another team.

Be aware that your start time will be randomly allocated unless your team is a winner of the Start Time Competition (Example of last year’s start times and competition).

Oxfam Trailwalker is a team event. Each team must consist of four members at the time of registration. If you are looking for another person to complete your team of four people, check out our singles board.

Our fundraisers commit to raising a minimum of $400 per person (that’s $1,600 per team) to participate in the event. Teams must have $1,600 showing on their Teamspace by the Friday prior to the event week to be eligible to participate. Teams that fail to do so will be unable to start the event without the prior approval of the event organisers in accordance with event rule #4.

All participants must be 18 years or older by the Friday of event weekend. Oxfam Trailwalker will not accept registrations from people under the age of 18.
Please pick up your registration pack at 101 Night (different dates for different states). If you cannot attend the 101 Night in your state you can request for it to be sent to you or you can download most of the materials included, and more, from our Oxfam Trailwalker start kit. If you have any specific questions about the event in the meantime, please contact the Oxfam Trailwalker staff.

On the registration form we’ll ask for your team’s estimated completion time, and your best guess is a-ok. The average time teams take to walk is 28-32 hours to complete 100km. Once you’ve started training you may get a better idea of how long it will take your team to finish the event, and you can check out the Team Time Calculators in the Training section below to work out the details.

Manage your team

Don’t stress! You can connect with other walkers who are in the same boat and looking to join/create a team via our Singles Board on the Oxfam Trailwalker website: under the ‘Register’ tab, head to ‘Join a Team’. There, you can add a post or respond to an existing post to create a team. Make sure you choose a person/team with similar Oxfam Trailwalker goals to yours to create a strong and dynamic team.
Yes! Each team must have four people (no more, no less) in order to take part. If you know more than four people who want to participate, try and recruit another team — the more the merrier!

Please let us know your outgoing team member’s full name. Then please provide your new team member’s name and email address.

  • Outgoing Team Member Name:
  • New Team Member Name:
  • New Team Member Email:

Please send email these details to:

Yes. Team changes must be received by Oxfam Trailwalker staff no later than 12pm on the Wednesday of event week to ensure all changes are processed in time for the start of the event. If you miss the deadline for changes, you will need to bring your forms with you to the registration area at the Start Line. There is a $30 admin fee for team changes made at the Start.
Simple! No need to ask first, just send us an email with your new team name and we’ll do the rest. You may also decide to add your organisation name or a sponsor’s name in the ‘team representing’ field. This will appear on the website under your team name. Some teams have been known to auction off their team name as a fundraiser.
If the email address we have on file for you is incorrect or out of date, simply send us an email with your new address and we’ll update our records. You can also update your details by logging into Teamspace and clicking through to your profile details.
Send us an email and we will make the required changes. You can also update your details by logging into Teamspace and clicking through to your profile details.
The briefing packs will be distributed at the Final Briefing Night (1-2 weeks before the event start date). The pack will include a team confirmation report, medical questionnaire, team mobile contact form, and other important final event information. If you team cannot attend the Final Briefing Night, you must let your event’s Fundraising Coordinator know, and your pack will be posted to your team leader shortly after the night.
Yes! Each team must have at least 1 support person in order to take part. They are vital to supporting you along the trail, click for more information.

The trail

Please check out the Melbourne trail, Brisbane trail, or Sydney trail sections of the website where you’ll find a trail overview, trail breakdown, distances and maps to download. Each section of the trail has a difficulty rating that has been developed using the Australian Walking Track Grading System and is graded from its hardest component.

Each trail has multiple checkpoints along the way, which will be staffed by event volunteers for the entirety of the event. Basic provisions including cold and hot water, toilets, and first aid are always available at each checkpoint. Some checkpoints will have additional facilities or resources including basic food provisions and/or support crew access. You will receive all the details of checkpoint operations, including closing times, in your map book and in the final safety briefing prior to the event. Some of the trails may have bush checkpoints where due to their ‘deep in the bush’ location’ they are more remote and there is no support crew access available. The bush checkpoints will have first aid, toilets, basic food provisions as well as hot and cold water available.


You should start training as soon as you decide to take part in the event. No matter what your base fitness level is right now, every participant should train regularly in the lead-up to the event. We highly recommend training on the trail and at least once at night (when possible). However, simply walking to and from work and getting km under your feet will assist you in being successful on the event. Training should be stress free and fun. Take it slow and build on your walks as you go along. Refer to our Training and Preparation guide for a comprehensive guide for beginner, intermediate and advanced participants.

The average time teams take to complete our 100km trail is 28-32 hours. However, each team’s time will vary depending on their speed and goals. Oxfam Trailwalker legend, Christopher Turner, developed the Team Time Calculator to plan his team’s event and has shared it with us. Use this Team Calculator to work out how long each section should take you, to plan your rest stops with your support crew and to estimate your finishing time.

Brisbane 2019 100km Team Time Calculator (excel file)
Sydney 2020 100km Team Time Calculator (excel file)

We firmly believe anyone with the right training, preparation, attitude and commitment can complete Oxfam Trailwalker. Of course, you should consult your doctor or specialist for the right advice relative to your personal fitness level and health.

We do our very best to keep you up to date on the latest trail conditions with blogs, Facebook posts and via email. However before heading out on the trail please visit the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the national parks website in your state for any important updates. If you are out training on the trail and you notice something amiss (ie fallen trees, swollen creeks, landslides), please call or email us to let us know.

Anyone can order Oxfam Trailwalker merchandise from our partner Paddy Pallin. You can also complete this customised print t-shirt order form and send it to Paddy Pallin to order your customised Oxfam Trailwalker team t-shirts.


Yes there is. Oxfam Trailwalker is at it’s heart a fundraising event, committed to changing lives around the world. All teams must show the minimum $1,600 fundraising requirement on their Teamspace by the Friday before event week in order to participate. However your Teamspace will remain live for several weeks after the event until Celebration Night, so you can continue to actively fundraise after the event.

From the moment you register for Oxfam Trailwalker you are fully supported with your fundraising and training by our team. As a registered participant, you will receive your very own fundraising Teamspace webpage, a variety of fundraising materials to collect donations at work and events, and a comprehensive online Fundraising Guide jammed packed with tips and tricks to maximise your fundraising efforts. You’ll also have access to our Oxfam Fundraising Coordinators,who are full of fundraising knowledge and can help you develop a fundraising plan suited to your team. We have no doubt you’ll be able to reach and surpass your fundraising goal. Visit our online fundraising resources for more information.

Your Teamspace is the hub of your Oxfam Trailwalker experience. You can use it to post team updates, reach out to your social networks, promote your team fundraising activities, share your Oxfam Trailwalker journey and check out your fellow teams. All four team members will receive individual log-in details and have access to their Teamspace once registered.

Teamspace Rules

Team Photo:

  • Strictly no racist or sexist imagery, or other content that member of our Trailwalker community may find offensive.
  • Strictly no nudity or implied nudity.
  • If you are using a graphic, you must have permission of use by the illustrator.
  • If you are using a photograph, you must have permission of use by the photographer and all parties photographed.

Team Name:

  • Strictly no racist, sexist or inappropriate language.

Easy! You can simply make an online donation to your Teamspace using a personal card and bank the cash. Make sure you choose “Make the receipt out in my organisation’s name” and put the name of your fundraising event in the ‘Organisation’ field when filling out the donation form. Please note, you will not be able to use this bulk event-fundraising donation as a personal tax deduction, and receipts will not be issued from Oxfam to any individual who made a cash donation.

If you receive a cheque donation, please make sure the cheque is made out to Oxfam Australia, then mail us the cheque including a note with the donor’s name, email and postal address, and your name, team name and number. We will process the donation, allocate it to your team’s fundraising page, and send your donor a tax receipt.

All online donations will instantly receive an electronic tax receipt. If you receive an offline donation of $2 or more, and the donor would like a receipt, we recommend that you make the donation online on their behalf, inputting their name and email address in the donation form. Alternatively, they can call 1800 088 110. We no longer issue paper donation receipt books.

Oxfam Australia is part of a global movement of dedicated people working hard to fight poverty and injustice. Oxfam Australia has been working with communities for more than 60 years to provide people with the skills and resources to help them create their own solutions to poverty. We do this by investing in long-term projects, responding to emergencies, and campaigning for change. Oxfam Trailwalker now raises more than $6 million each year in Australia. Each and every donation made to our Oxfam Trailwalker teams makes a significant difference to the lives of others.

The Start

Raise more than the average raised by teams in 2019, and you’ll be given the opportunity to choose your preferred start time. Start times, important dates and the Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney average fundraising amounts are listed here.

No. Start times strictly cannot be swapped once announce. We stagger the starts and allocate equal numbers of teams to each start time in an effort to reduce congestion and minimize our impact on the environment. This is for safety reasons and we want you to have the best walking experience possible.

During the Event

There will be some areas of each trail where mobile phones may not have reception. We highly recommend that teams carry phones connected to at least two different network providers to increase the chances of having reception along the trail.

Some teams do and some teams don’t. The decision is entirely up to your team and your agreed event strategy. If you are planning on an estimated finish time of more than 30 hours, it may be in your best interest to get a few hours sleep. We also recommend you don’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time, as it can be difficult to get moving again after a long sleep.

Event sustainability

Oxfam Australia’s vision is of a fair world in which people control their own lives, their basic rights are achieved and the environment is healthy and sustained. As the organisers of Oxfam Trailwalker in Australia, we are committed to minimising our ecological footprint and we ask participants, support crews and volunteers to take appropriate actions to minimise their environmental impact during the event.

We endeavour to do our best to conserve resources, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. We have made a commitment to measuring our environmental impact so that we can ensure we make positive improvements year after year. We will annually review the results, and then implement best-practice strategies to further protect the very environment we use for our Oxfam Trailwalker events.

What we are doing

All the tea, coffee and chocolate supplied by Oxfam at the checkpoints meet the Fairtrade standards and principles.

At Oxfam Trailwalker events you will find volunteers who are helping to implement our environmental strategies at the checkpoints. During the event every checkpoint will have a designated waste station with both rubbish and recycling bins. All teams, support crews and volunteers are asked to make use of these facilities and discard their waste responsibly. We also ask that all walkers and support crews practice a “pack-in, pack-out” mentality and take their rubbish with them whenever possible.

Park authorities and our environmental partners are involved in the planning of the event to ensure the chosen trails are suitable and environmental impacts are minimal. Each year, Oxfam Trailwalker conducts an environmental impact assessment on each trail pre and post event.

Wherever possible, Oxfam Trailwalker seeks the support of local business, schools and organisations to ensure the local community benefits from the event.  All leftover perishable food is donated to local charities.

Oxfam Trailwalker promotional materials are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink. We also use recyclable or biodegradable cups, cutlery and crockery, and all signage is reusable. The vests worn by staff and volunteers during the event are sweatshop-free and locally made.

What you can do

Our overall principals are to reduce, reuse and recycle, but we can’t do this without a little help from the participants and support crews. There are a number of simple steps you and your team can take to help us care for the beautiful environment you experience in this extraordinary event!

Ditch the disposables! We have amazing Trailwalker KeepCups for sale at prep nights, briefing night, and at the start line on the morning of your event. You can buy four in different colours for each walker on your team, or get matching ones for your support crew as a token of your appreciation (for their food, massages and hugs along the trail). Ask your support crew to use reusable containers, mugs, plates and cutlery. Ditch the cling wrap, foil, zip lock bags and individually-wrapped items. Use a reusable drink bottle or hydration pack and fill up at each checkpoint.

Don’t go bush bashing! To reduce your impact on the environment, stick to the trail, especially in boggy sections; avoid handling overhanging and surrounding foliage; and avoid standing on tree roots. Adopt a ‘take in, take out’ policy when on the trail to ensure that you don’t leave any rubbish behind. Take it one step further and pick up all the rubbish you find.

Leave the car at home and use public transport where available to get to the trail. If a car is necessary, try to car pool with your team mates or other Trailwalkers.

Make sure your waste goes in the correct bins at our checkpoint waste stations on event weekend.

Wear old, warm clothes that you no longer require over your event gear to the Start. All discarded clothing will be collected and donated to charity.

Take care not to pollute the environment and natural water supplies. Bury all bodily waste and toilet paper in holes 15cm deep and at least 100m from water, camps and tracks. Consider using a human waste disposal kit to take your waste with you, kits are available from some outdoor stores.

After the event, put your printed materials and event bibs in the recycling (unless you would like to keep them as a souvenir!). All Oxfam Trailwalker materials are printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable inks.

Event Rules

The event rules are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved and to ensure the ongoing viability of the event. We ask that you read and understood the rules prior to the event.

  1. All team members must be aged 18 or above.
  2. At the start of the event, each team must have four members.
  3. Oxfam Australia reserves the right to alter the trail without notice and/or cancel the event in consultation with, and under the direction of, emergency services agencies and major event stakeholders or landowners. If the event is cancelled, participating teams have the option of requesting a 50% refund of their registration fee.
  4. From 2019 teams must raise a minimum of $1,600, in addition to the non-tax deductible, non-refundable and non-transferrable registration fee to participate in the event. Teams must have fundraised at least the minimum $1,600 by the Friday of the week before the event to be eligible to participate. Teams that fail to do so will be unable to start the event without the prior approval of event organisers.
  5. Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenging team event. Adequate time is necessary for training and fundraising before undertaking it. Therefore, substitution of all four team members is not permitted. If changing a team member before 5pm on the Monday of the event week: teams must notify the organisers by submitting a completed Change of Team Member form available on the website. If changing a team member after 5pm on the Monday of the event week: teams must submit a completed Change of Team Member form at the Start and pay a $30 late-change fee. No substitutions will be allowed to a team once the team has started the event.
  6. The provided identification event bibs must be worn at all times during the event.
  7. All team members must stay together between checkpoints and must check in and out together at each checkpoint. Staff at checkpoints will not check in or out incomplete teams that have members who have not been accounted for.
  8. Any participant who is injured or exhausted must be brought to the nearest checkpoint by their team-mates for assistance. If the injury is serious, follow emergency procedures.
  9. Under no circumstances are individuals to be left unaccompanied. If a team member becomes seriously injured and cannot be moved, one person must stay with him or her while the others seek help.
  10. Participants wishing to withdraw during the event must first report to the nearest checkpoint. Remaining team members cannot continue until the withdrawal of the team member has been reported. If, for any reason, a participant has to leave the event urgently, the Event Safety Coordinator must be called via the number printed on the event bib as soon as possible.
  11. In order to withdraw, a participant must complete a retirement certificate at one of the checkpoints. A team with less than four members cannot continue without a copy of the retirement certificate. This must be presented at each remaining checkpoint.
  12. If two members of a team have withdrawn, the remaining two members must accompany another team between checkpoints. This is to ensure that all event participants travel in groups of at least three people for safety reasons. This does not mean that team members join the other team — each team will retain their identity, team number and bib colour throughout the event.
  13. If teams decide to leave the trail or checkpoints to sleep, or for any other reason, they must do so from a designated checkpoint. Upon checking in, the entire team must inform the Checkpoint Coordinator of their intention and an estimated return time. Failure to do so will result in the team being reported missing and a search will be initiated. The team must return to the same checkpoint to resume the event.
  14. Teams that fail to depart a checkpoint by the nominated closing time will be withdrawn from the event and will be advised not to proceed. Teams that disregard this advice proceed at their own risk. The closing times are calculated on the basis that there would be insufficient time remaining to complete the event.
  15. A team’s finishing time will be recorded as the time the last member of the team reports to the check-in desk at the Finish. Oxfam Trailwalker is a team event and no individual time will be recorded.
  16. Only complete teams of four finishing within the offical event time will be eligible for official ranking.
  17. Every team must have a support crew and must be self-sufficient. The support crew is responsible for providing teams with their food, water and changes of clothes during the event. Please ensure your support crew is suitably briefed.
  18. Teams are strictly forbidden to meet their support crew at any location along the trail except the checkpoints. Any team found breaching this rule will be disqualified.
  19. Any team or participant who ignores road crossing instructions from marshals faces risk of disqualification.
  20. Do not litter. Participants and support crews must respect the environment and local neighbourhood by using the litter and recycling bins at the checkpoints.
  21. Dogs are not permitted on the trail or at checkpoints. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the trail and at checkpoints.
  22. Teams are asked to respect residential and local parking regulations. Support crews not obeying instructions from parking marshals risk their team’s disqualification from the event.
  23. Participants must keep noise levels to a minimum when walking in residential areas during training and the event.
  24. Teams must carry a minimum of two mobile phones, preferably on two different networks.
  25. Each team must carry at least one first aid kit at all times containing, as a minimum:
    • a compression bandage
    • a triangular bandage
    • strapping tape
    • sterile dressings
    • antiseptic wipes
    • assorted blister treatments
    • four thermal blankets (one per team member)

    Additional first aid supplies must be kept with your support crew. Prescription medication and painkillers are your team’s responsibility.

  26. All fundraising activities undertaken by participants must adhere to the relevant state government regulations.

Contact Trailwalker

Visit and mail: 130-138 Leicester Street, Carlton VIC 3053
Call: 1800 088 110
Email: trailwalkermelbourne@oxfam.org.au

Visit: Level 6, 269 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Mail: PO Box 1429 Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Call: 1800 088 110
Email: trailwalkerbrisbane@oxfam.org.au

Visit: Level 3, 25 Cooper Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Mail: PO Box 1711, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Call: 1800 088 110
Email: trailwalkersydney@oxfam.org.au

For media enquiries, please contact the Media Unit at Oxfam.