Volunteering with Oxfam Trailwalker

During the event, volunteers work in more than 20 different jobs across multiple locations. You can also volunteer with Oxfam Trailwalker in the Oxfam office in the lead up to the event. Check out the fantastic range of Oxfam Trailwalker event volunteer opportunities below.

Work at a checkpoint

Checkpoints are a place for our walkers to rest, meet their support crews, stock up on food and water, and receive any first aid or allied health support. With so much going on at each checkpoint, there are lots of exciting positions to fill.

Jobs available:

Checkpoint Coordinator: You are chief of the checkpoint, in charge of managing volunteers and delegating tasks. You’ll ensure the checkpoint runs safely and efficiently. (Please note that volunteers must have prior experience at the event to take on this role).
Assistant Checkpoint Coordinator: You’ll support the Checkpoint Coordinator in running a smooth checkpoint and keeping everyone happy. (Please note that volunteers must have prior experience at the event to take on this role).
Check In Operator: The happy face all participants see when they check-in and check-out at a checkpoint. You’ll work on the computer to help us ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for, and act as the information outpost for everyone along the way.
Checkpoint Operations Support: A jack of all trades, assisting at the checkpoint in a variety of different areas, such as keeping food and beverages stocked up, marshalling the walkers to the check-in desk, and being the cheer squad to keep our walkers motivated!
Green Team: These volunteers help to ensure our checkpoints remain as green as our logo. A subset of our checkpoint operations support crew, you will specifically help to manage the waste and recycling area within your checkpoint.
MC Assistant: You’ll assist the MC as they announce our participants across the Finish Line. You might even get a turn on the mic if you’re keen!
Parking Team: The Parking Coordinator and Parking Marshals will work together to manage the perfect car park.

Work on the trail

Keen to hit the trail, but not ready for the full 100km? There are plenty of great jobs for volunteers that will let you experience our trail but without the blisters!

Jobs available:

Trail Marker: With your fantastic navigational skills, you’ll walk one section of our trail before everyone else and place trail markers according to the maps. Your help will ensure that the walkers know where they’re going. (Trail Markers work in groups of 4. Please note that at least 1 volunteer in the group must have prior experience as a Trail Marker).
Trail Marshal: The motivators! Not only will you help the participants pass safely along the trail, but you’ll also be their motivation and support when they really need it.
Sweep Team: The all-important back-up crew – you’ll follow the last team on the trail and ensure they safely reach the next checkpoint. You’ll also clear the trail of all trail markers and debris as you go.

Allied Health support

Tight hammies, sore backs, blisters and swollen ankles await the allied health volunteers. These hugely rewarding roles provide an essential service for the wellbeing of our hardworking walkers. They’re also fantastic practical experience for physiotherapy, podiatry and myotherapy/massage students.

Jobs available:

Myo/Massage Therapist: Provide some much appreciated healing hands to keep the walkers on the trail. (You’ll also be responsible for supervising myo/massage students).
Myo/Massage Student: Relieve tension and muscle soreness while gaining some great practical experience (minimum of 6 months of a 1 year diploma or equivalent study required).
Physiotherapist: Strap and soothe the weary walkers to keep them going along the track. (You’ll also be responsible for supervising physiotherapy students).
Physiotherapy Student: Enjoy the hands-on experience as you strap and look after participants (minimum of 2 years undergraduate or 1 year postgraduate study required).
Podiatrist: 100km makes for tired feet…podiatrists make for happy walkers! (You’ll also be responsible for supervising podiatry students).
Podiatry Student: You’ll assist with treatments to aching feet. Are you ready to see a lot of blisters? (minimum of 2 years study required).

Transport and logistics

If you prefer to be on the move, behind the scenes, or at the wheel, then working on our transport and logistics team is the thing for you!

Jobs available:

Event Logistics SupportYou’ll be the official Oxfam Trailwalker courier, running between checkpoints and delivering or picking up gear and supplies. (Please note: All drivers must be over 25 years and hold a full licence).
Leaflet Dropper: You’ll be dropping leaflets in the weeks prior to the event to get the word out to residents along sections of the trail.