Adelaide Trail

Exploring the Adelaide Oxfam Trailwalker route

Returning to the beautiful state of South Australia in 2020, Oxfam Trailwalker Adelaide will take our participants from Hills to Ocean, with stunning vistas, abundant wildlife and of course an incredible sense of achievement as you cross our scenic finish line at Glenelg.

Check out the trail overview and profile below for a summary of the trail for 2020.

Trail overview

Our 100km trail begins in Black Hill and Morialta Conservation Parks. These hills may look like an imposing challenge, but with fresh legs, your teammates beside you, and a stunning view from the top, it will prove to be a glorious start to your journey. You’ll continue your adventure meandering through the National Parks, and follow quaint country roads before climbing the heady heights of Mt Lofty, the iconic lookout which gives you panoramic views across Adelaide and the Gulf St Vincent. 

Our trail continues through the picturesque Hills villages of Stirling and Crafers, before ambling through the scenic Cleland Conservation Park and Waite Conservation ReserveRejoining the Yurrebilla Trail, you will snake along Brownhill Creek before ascending into Belair National Park, where there is an excellent chance of seeing some friendly (though not to be approached) kangaroos. A restful flat section greets you as you leave Belair National Park and head through Glenalta and Blackwood into Blackwood Hill Reserve and Sturt Gorge Recreation Park.  The trail skirts Flinders University and crosses under Main South Road before climbing south into the open spaces of O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park. Finally, you’re on the home stretch, with 6km of coastal footpath, sea views and the Finish Line within reach – your Oxfam Trailwalker journey is complete. Elevation profile showing the hills of the Adelaide trail


Checkpoints on the Adelaide trail

Please consult with the SA Country Fire Service and the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA alerts page before commencing training walks during summer months.

Want to know what will be at each checkpoint? See our breakdown of what to expect on event weekend.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience when you take on the challenging and beautiful Adelaide trail.

The Start (Friday 16 October) – Checkpoint 1 15.9km

Maryvale Road to Moores Road

Cumulative total: 15.9km
Difficulty rating: 5

The first section of Oxfam Trailwalker Adelaide takes you through Black Hill and Morialta Conservation Parks. There are three challenging uphill sections but the reward is outstanding views across Adelaide to the Gulf St Vincent. 

Section 1 map coming soon

Checkpoint 1 – Checkpoint 2 13.2km

Moores Road to Pillbox Track

Cumulative total: 29.1km
Difficulty rating: 5

While this section meanders through Morialta, Giles and Horsnel Gully Conservation Parks, the route also follows country roads through Norton Summit and parts of Summertown.

Section 2 map coming soon


Checkpoint 2 – Checkpoint 3 11.1km

Pillbox Track to Woodhouse Activity Centre

Cumulative total: 40.2km
Difficulty rating: 4

Beginning on tracks in Cleland Conservation Park, the route continues over Mt Lofty, where you can stop to take in panoramic views of Adelaide. On the other side of Mt Lofty, the route skirts the Adelaide Hills wine region finishing at Woodhouse Activity Centre. 

Section 3 map coming soon


Checkpoint 3 – Checkpoint 4 16.1km

Woodhouse Activity Centre to Carrick Hill

Cumulative total: 56.3km
Difficulty rating: 3

The first 5 kilometres of this section is on roadside tracks and pavements in the picturesque Hills villages of Stirling and Crafers. The route includes tracks in the south western side of Cleland Conservation Park before continuing over the Heysen Tunnel into the Waite Conservation Reserve before finishing at historical Carrick Hill. 

Section 4 map coming soon

Checkpoint 4 – Checkpoint 5 12.4km

Carrick Hill to Karka Pavilion

Cumulative total: 68.7km
Difficulty rating: 3

From Carrick Hill, this section rejoins the Yurrebilla Trail that snakes along Brownhill Creek before climbing dramatically to Sheoak Road and into Belair National Park. The trail edges Workanda Creek and crosses the tree-lined Saddle Trail Road to follows the AdventureLoop Trail to Karka Pavilion at the heart of the park.

Section 5 map coming soon


Checkpoint 5 – Checkpoint 6 7.9km

Karka Pavilion to Blackwood Primary School

Cumulative total: 76.6km
Difficulty rating: 2

From Belair National Park, where there is a good chance of seeing kangaroos, this flat section continues through the sidewalks of Glenalta and Blackwood before finishing at Blackwood Primary School Oval on the edge of Blackwood Hill Reserve.

Section 6 map coming soon


Checkpoint 6 – Checkpoint 7 13.3km

Blackwood Primary School to O’Halloran Hill

Cumulative total: 89.9km
Difficulty rating: 3

This section begins on the unsealed, dirt tracks of Blackwood Hill Reserve and Sturt Gorge and skirts the edge of Flinders University to Main South Road. Crossing Marion and Seacombe Roads, thetrail then climbs south into the open spaces of O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park

Section 7 map coming soon

Checkpoint 7 – The Finish 10.1km

O’Halloran Hill to Glenelg

Cumulative total: 100km
Difficulty rating: 1

Set off with stunning views of the Gulf of St Vincent to the west and the Adelaide Hills to the east. Heading north out of O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park, the route crosses Brighton Road to the beach at Seacliff and continues on the coast footpath to a finish at Jimmy Melrose Reserve at Glenelg.

Section 8 map coming soon


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