A Very Sunny Sydney Trailwalker!

A Very Sunny Sydney Trailwalker!

The final few walkers crossed the finish line in beautiful Tania Park in the early hours of this morning – and so concluded another amazing, inspiring and awesome 20th anniversary Sydney Trailwalker event. So far, we have managed to raise $1.9 million, and the donations are still coming in!

For some, it seemed that Trailwalker was over before it had even started – particularly for our first team to cross the finish line in the very early hours of Saturday morning! The Niggles (featuring Oxfam Australia staff members David Overend and Paul Tran) crossed the line at 12.43am, after a gruelling 17 hours. Somehow, they were still smiling!

Four men stand on a podium with a bottle of wine after being the first team to cross the finish line at Oxfam Trailwalker .
Team #456, The Niggles, were the first team to cross the finish line after 17 hours and 43 minutes.

Amazingly, You Can Call Me Al, who were the second to cross the finish line had the double whammy of also being our highest fundraisers! Not only did they complete the 100km in a spectacular 18 hours and 8 minutes, but they also managed to raise more than $27,000 for Oxfam Australia. Now that is truly a cause for celebration!

Three men stand under a banner after coming through the finish line in second place.
You Can Call Me Al were our second team to finish, and were our highest fundraisers.

It was only fitting, on the 20th anniversary of the Trailwalker event, that we had two of the original coordinators from 1999 walking with us for the 50km event! Sarah Williams (walking with team The Sole Sisters) and David Lowes (with team Millfield Wines 2019) were responsible for organising the very first Trailwalker event in 1999. When asked how our Trailwalker stacked up nowadays, Sarah told us that with over 500 teams “it’s probably a lot more complicated now!”.

Four women stand in front of a body of water at the start line of the 50km event.
Sarah Williams (second from the left) stands with her team The Sole Sisters.

Two of David’s teammates, Ian Hardy and Christopher Grubb, were part of the original 1999 team too – and in 1999, managed to complete the 100km in just 25 hours! Twenty years later, they had decided to take it at a more relaxed pace with David telling us “we’ve been getting in shape for this one for 20 years… and we’ve decided that we’re only doing half!”

Four men stand at the start line to the 50km event.
David Lowes, Ian Hardy and Christopher Grubb and Harry Lowes of Millfield Wines.

Not all of our 50km participants were so keen to do more than one Trailwalker, however! Team Sore Feat, our fourth highest fundraisers for the 50km event, had raised $8661 – but when we asked them for their top tips for doing Trailwalker for the uninitiated they told us “just don’t do it twice!”

four people stand together at the start line for the 50km event
Team Sore Feet were amongst the top ten highest fundraisers for 2019.

Not all of our 50km first-timers were as apprehensive about the task ahead – Dare to Do, a team of family and friends from Sydney were undertaking the trail for the very first time, and were very excited about the day ahead! Having raised over $4000 for Oxfam, they’re already winners in our books!

Team “Dare to Do” at the start-line for the 50km event.

At the other end of the trail, walkers were greeted by beautiful scenery, sunshine, and a crowd of cheering support crews! Sydney had truly turned on the weather, and crews were lounging on the lawns with picnic rugs and eskies – which was a happy sight for our weary walkers!

A gantry and some fences with the branding "Oxfam Trailwalker" in the foreground.
The sunny finish line at Tania Park on Saturday morning.


A view of cliffs, water, blue sky and waves breaking in Sydney's harbour.
The beautiful scenery from Tania Park, where support crews waited for their teams.


four people cross a finish line with linked arms.
Sydney Metro Dream Team coming through the finish line on Saturday morning.

The behind-the-scenes stars of the show were, as usual, our wonderful volunteers! This year we had over 500 dedicated volunteers donate hours of their time to make sure our event ran as smoothly as possible – so whether you were working the checkpoint or sweeping the trail after the final team had passed through – we couldn’t have done it without you!

two women hold a microphone at a sporting event.
Volunteers Manetha Senarath and Lee Lowe MC-ing at the finish line in Manly on Saturday afternoon.

                                   Teams         Walkers
Started                          537                 2,133
Finished                       488                 1,647
% Finished                 90.88%          77.22%
Finished (4 Walkers)  267
% Finished (4 Walkers)  49.72%
 Average Fundraising $3,564.20

You can take a look at individual team results for each event here!

And so Sydney Trailwalker ends for another year! Whether you were a walker, sprinter, volunteer, support crew, donor or staff member, THANKYOU for such a successful 20th anniversary event – here’s to twenty more!!

P.S – we are SO CLOSE to our $2.1million dollar fundraising goal – can you help us get over the finish line by donating?


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