Melbourne Safety Briefing Night Recap 2020

Melbourne Safety Briefing Night Recap 2020

Safety Briefing Night is one of the most important dates on the Oxfam Trailwalker calendar. It prepares you for all aspects of event weekend: from arriving at Registration and crossing the Start Line, to making the most of the checkpoint facilities, completing the trail safely, and celebrating at the Finish Line – we talk you through every aspect.

Conditions change every year, so please take the time to catch up on the information and discuss it with your team and your support crew, even if you are an Oxfam Trailwalker veteran.



The first part of the briefing had Taylar updating you on your fantastic fundraising efforts, what to expect at Registration, the essential information, pre-event validation checks and on-the-day paperwork you will find in your briefing pack.

The second part of the briefing had James and Christoph going through event day provisions and essential safety advice. We advise you ensure everyone on your team has attended/reviewed the Safety Briefing presentation, and share this widely with your support crew.

Health reminder:
If you are sick, stay home and do not participate in the event
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands with soap
• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing

Your briefing pack contents:

Documents which need you to action:
Final Briefing Notes – Please read these – this is an overview of the most important information about the event
Team Medical Questionnaire (yellow paper) – This needs to be completed and brought with you to registration with your team number clearly written on this sheet – if you would like individual forms per person these will be available on event morning
Support Crew Vehicle Identification Pass
 – Pass this on to your support crew for their use during the event. Please understand that parking is limited at
each checkpoint and your support crew must use the Vehicle Identification Pass to gain access to event sites.

For reference and information (all included in Briefing Notes):
Registration FAQs – for your reference
Event Rules – for your reference

Before the event

Validate your details – You have been sent an email to validate your details. Please login to your Teamspace to confirm your mobile number, emergency contact details and support crew details.
All team members must complete this validation before starting the event.
Team leaders will also need to validate that all 4 walker details are correct.

Team member changes – All teams must start with 4 team members. If you do need to change a team member please do so on your Teamspace before Monday 23rd March. If you do not have 4 walkers, please ensure that you have contacted

Support Crew – All teams must have a support crew. Please register their details on your Teamspace before starting the event. We must be able to contact your support crew during the event.
Please give your team’s support crew vehicle pass to your support crew – you will only be issued with one so if you have multiple crew meeting you please ensure they arrange meeting to hand over the pass.

At the event

Traffic Management
• Accredited, manned traffic management will be in place at the Wellington Road crossing of the trail (Section 2, Map Ref 2H).
• At this location, walkers will encounter high volumes of commuter vehicle traffic. Consequently, Oxfam Trailwalker needs to manage the crossing as efficiently and safely as possible.
• Traffic management personnel will hold walkers for some time until a sufficient number of walkers have
been assembled.
• Only then, and as a group of walkers, it will be possible to cross the road. For your own safety we ask
you to follow instructions of traffic management personnel and do not cross Wellington Road on your 

Section 8
• You will walk along the Main Yarra Trail and the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail when tackling the last section of
Oxfam Trailwalker.
• Especially on weekends and on sunny days, these trails see a higher volume of recreational bike riders, walkers and runners.
• Please help us to create a positive and safe experience for
everybody on the day by:
• Keeping to the left of the path, leaving enough room for oncoming trail users.
• Watch for both oncoming cyclists and cyclists overtaking you.
• Show respect to other users of the trail. The trail is shared and Oxfam Trailwalker does not have exclusive right to use these trails for the event

Suburban areas – Please be respectful at all times to local residents and remain quiet when passing through urban sections, particularly at night. Please also wear reflective high vis clothing and use (flashing) lights to be seen by other road users.

Equipment and supplies – Don’t forget your team must carry at least two fully charged mobiles on two different networks, and must also carry a first aid kit with four thermal blankets. Please also ensure that you a self-sufficient – carry at least 2-3 litres of water with you between each checkpoint, and make arrangements with your support crew for meals and snacks to refuel and recharge at checkpoints.

Essential points to remember:

Start location – Dandenong Police Paddock Reserve (DPP Reserve), Nerre Nerre Warren Reserve; Please access via Brady Road, Endeavour Hills, VIC 3802.
Getting to the Start Line – Plan your travel to the start line by carpooling to ensure you make it in time for your registration time. Don’t forget your yellow form. See our Registration FAQs blog for a refresher.
• As you arrive, please follow the instructions from our volunteer parking marshals and find a spot for
your car.
• Follow the yellow arrows and our volunteer ushers to get to the registration marquee and the start,
situated at main paddock of the reserve.
• The registration marquee will be visible as you walk towards the start line – please follow the directions
of our volunteer marshals who will direct you to the correct queues
Trailmarkers – Trailmarkers will be placed approximately every 60-100m to mark the trail, however you should take your mapbooks with you and refer to it at all times! Remember, the numbers on the markers do not indicate distance, they are a safety tool that allow us to determine your location in the event of an emergency. Please do not remove the markers as you will be jeopardising the safety of other participants.
In an emergency – Find the nearest trailmarker, note its number and call the emergency number printed on your bib: 1300 735 730. If you cannot get in touch with the Oxfam event control centre on this number, only then call 000, or 112. Please be sure you call the event control centre first, if possible, as we will be able to assist you in the quickest and most effective manner, liaising with appropriate emergency responders.
Checking-in and out – At every checkpoint you must check-in and check-out as a team. If there is an individual retiring from your team, tell the Check-in/Check-out operators and they will issue your remaining team members with (team member retired) stickers to put on your event bibs which you will be required to show at all future checkpoints.
Safety first – If you are walking with fewer than three team members, you will need to join up with another team at a checkpoint and walk with them. Be safe and walk together; do not walk alone or let other members of your team walk alone.
Sleeping – Private camping is available at Checkpoint 4 & 5. Please ensure you notify the Check-in volunteers at a checkpoint if you decide to leave the trail to sleep elsewhere, and make sure you wake up and return to check out of the checkpoint before the checkpoint closes or you will be unable to continue walking.
Don’t forget your keep cup! We are a disposable-cup-free event. We take our impact on the environment seriously and ask that you do the same. There will be keep cups for sale at the start line.
Extra care – Please read your final briefing notes thoroughly, particularly the sections regarding safety on the trail.
Don’t stop fundraising! As friends and family watch your progress during the event, they will want to show you love and support by donating to your team. Make sure you’re not at 100% of your fundraising target when you begin walking – join the ranks of superstars and increase the impact of your fundraising and participation in Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne!

Any additional questions, please email

Finally, from everyone at Oxfam – good luck!

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