Sydney – your essential event reminders

Sydney – your essential event reminders

With just a few weeks to go before the big weekend, here are some last minute essential reminders to ensure you’re on track.

Wind down your training  – You should have reached your peak training by now. Keep active, but walks should be two – three hours at most. Reduce the intensity to a comfortable level.

RSVP to Safety Briefing Night – a must attend event for all teams, where you’ll get all the paperwork you need on event day!

Recruit your support crew – And register their details on your Teamspace (log in and add their details in the support crew section). Make sure they know where they are meeting you and what to bring: you’ll receive a driving map book for them in your Briefing Pack and they can check out the packing list and support crew guide.

Plan your meals – Nutrition for an event like Oxfam Trailwalker starts in the days leading up to the event. Check out the info shared on our handy training blog about nutrition and hydration and start carb loading. Don’t forget to pack a few treats for along the way too.

Double check your gear –  Don’t try anything new at this stage. Make sure you have spare batteries for your head torch, at least two mobile phones between your team ideally on different networks, one first aid kit for the team and four emergency blankets, which are all required items. View our gear list online and pick up anything else you need from Paddy Pallin at 20% off.

Look after your feet and your body – Two weeks before the event is the perfect time to trim your toe-nails back, get any calluses looked at, and book in with a podiatrist for advice on how to tape any blister hotspots. Our partner Balmain Sports Medicine are great if you need strapping before the event, so book in with them today for a strapping session the Thursday (100km teams) or Friday (50km teams) before the event.

Get familiar with event weekend – Have some questions about how registration will work on the morning of the event? Chances are your questions are answered in our Start Line and Rego FAQs! Plan out your transport to the start line to make event-morning smooth sailing.

Increase your fundraising target – the majority of donations are given during event weekend. If you are close to your fundraising target, think about increasing it to encourage your friends and family to give a little more. Every additional dollar raised changes lives. It could also make you eligible for a personalised memento bib or fundraising buff. Change your fundraising target on your Teamspace or Contact me if you’d like a hand.

Read your emails – They are full of useful information like this! If you are unsure about anything to do with the event, contact us or post in our Facebook event for advice from fellow walkers.

And finallyremind yourself why you are doing this – It’s been a long journey to the start line, but don’t worry you’ve got this! The training and preparation will all come together and there are communities around the world whose lives are changing thanks to your hard work and determination.

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