Top 10 Festive Fundraising Tips

Top 10 Festive Fundraising Tips

The holiday season is a great time to crank up your fundraising efforts. With plenty of festive cheer in the air, you’ll find it easy to appeal to everyone’s generous spirit. Check out Santa’s sack full of fundraising ideas and pick your favourite one…or two or three! 

Five minute tips

1. Ask for a donation to your team in lieu of a gift

Not only is this a feel-good way for people to support your team and Oxfam’s work, but is a convenient solution if you really don’t need another pair of Christmas socks.

Send this email to your friends (don’t forget to personalise it), to ask for a donation.

2. Post on Facebook

People will already be on social media checking out your holiday photos, so why not appeal to their generous holiday spirit by sharing an inspiring Oxfam post and ask them to support your Oxfam Trailwalker journey. Check out our social media tools here.

3. Change your email signature

Make every email a fundraising opportunity.

We’ve done the work for you – simply download and add one of our Oxfam Trailwalker email signatures.

One hour tips

4. Bake delicious treats and sell them

Put your apron on and get baking. Display a money box by the baked treats in your office, or send an email with the link to your Teamspace and ask for donations in return for a cake!

5. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Order fundraising wine instead

Order your fundraising wine online today!

6. Set up a gift wrapping station at your workplace, shopping center or market

For many people, the idea of wrangling sticky-tape and perfecting a pretty gift bow is the stuff of nightmares, so why not take on the challenge yourself? Offer to wrap presents during lunch in the office, a shopping center or market.

Half day tips

7. Host a BBQ, craft or bake sale

Everyone is in a celebratory spirit this time of year, so put your event-hosting skills to good use and get your pals to join in on the fun. Get creative: make Christmas ornaments out of recycled light bulbs or bake reindeer cookies.

8. Have a summer party or movie night at home or at your workplace

Throw a Seventies Santa party (no? just me?) and invite everyone you know. Encourage them to bring a donation instead of (or in addition to) food, or encourage a gold coin donation for every drink consumed. Set up a few games or a raffle, and pick a good prize.

9. Clean out your house for the New Year and throw a GIANT garage sale

What is all this stuff? Ask your friends to donate their clothes, books, furniture etc. People love giving to Oxfam Australia, so don’t forget to put up banners (simply ask us about borrowing resources) and money boxes.

10. Tactfully re-gift
Didn’t really want that back-scratcher from your great auntie? If you or your friends receive unwanted gifts at Christmas, don’t throw them away! You can use them as raffle prizes for a fundraiser in the future, sell them on eBay and donate the proceeds to your team, or host a gift-swap at work with a gold coin donation entry fee.

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