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About Trailwalker Brisbane

Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenging event that changes lives, including yours. Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane, 19-21 June 2015, will see 350 teams walk through the beautiful D'Aguilar National Park. find out more

Challenge poverty

Oxfam Trailwalker is not just a tough physical challenge, it is also a rewarding fundraising challenge, with teams raising funds to support people living in poverty around the world. Donate now

Volunteer with us

Oxfam Trailwalker is a huge logistical exercise, and we couldn't do it without the support our wonderful volunteers. Get involved in a great experience, have fun and make a difference. find out more

Recent Team Blogs

Did someone say BAKE SALE?!!

The setting: Clinical School foyer at Sunshine Hospital, on a sunny (but cold) Friday. Baked goods a plenty. Hungry medical students (and staff) waiting in anticipation as only hungry students do. The result: $250 raised for the team and the worthy cause.

Our first fundraising…

What a week.......being the oldest, heaviest and most unfit person on this team, I thought I really should begin my training program. First up,Monday off I go to the gym. Got my nice pants on, and most comfy Sketchers - good start! In I go, full of motivation and onto…

Hike entry 22, July 25th 2015
The last of the big training hikes are done. 57km and 45km in recent weeks. 10-13 hr duration with support crew participation. We feel confident and prepared for the biggest hike yet- 100km Oxfam Trail walker event now only 28 days away. You-our supporters…

Hike entry 20, 11 July 2015, Berowra to St Ives
His week we only hiked 30km so it was relatively speaking, “a stroll in the park”. This was a great hike as we started at lunch time and walked until 1030pm as close to real time as possible for the…

Hike entry 20, July 4th 2015
We started hiking at 6am from Brooklyn (the start of the 100km trail walk). All 4 of us hiked to Cowan. David departed us at Cowan (some of us have social lives). The rest of us continued onto Berowra where we met our support…

A leisurely 18 km hike this week from Davidson to Tania Park in Balgowlah. A sunny 18 degrees, we finished this hike at sunset along the Spit to Manly trail. This section is the last 18km of our 100km hike together. However having hiked 82km on event day, this section…

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Close of fundraising
22 JUL
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