Fundraising resources

Fundraising guide

Download the Fundraising Guide for practical fundraising advice on how to get started, develop new ideas, budget and plan, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to successfully organise different fundraising events.

Download Fundraising Guide

Fundraising presentation template

Our editable fundraising presentation template is a simple and engaging tool for informing your supporters about your Oxfam Trailwalker challenge, and for showing how their donations to Oxfam will make a difference. You can download this template here.

Media Guide

It takes a special kind of person to participate in Oxfam Trailwalker. We know that behind every registration, there’s a story to tell. So what’s your story? Whatever your story is don’t be afraid to share it with your local media. These are the stories they love to hear about, and are a great way to help raise money for your team! Download our media guide [PDF] for simple steps to contact the media.

Social Media Guide

Fundraising on social media has never been easier! Download our top tips for fundraising using social media and get those donations rolling in. Click here to download our guide.

Fundraising Resources

Below are a number of easy-to-use and proven fundraising tools to start you on your fundraising journey. You can order these through your Teamspace hub, or download them directly for immediate use.

Fundraising Guide

This comprehensive Fundraising Guide includes tips and advice on how to make your fundraising plan easy and successful.

Fundraising posters

These A3 sized posters are fantastic for promoting your fundraising events and directing your supporters to your Teamspace to donate.

Hang the poster up in a prominent place.  Contact us to order posters or download your A3 Trailwalker posters now:

Poster with target
Poster with blank space to promote your fundraising initiatives

Find treasure on the trail

Everyone loves treasure, so start selling off squares on the trail map for (minimum) $2. Once you’ve sold them all, draw a winner who earns $50, and pocket $150 for your efforts to put on your Teamspace, easy!

You’ll find one in your Welcome Pack. Contact us to order more or download and print your Treasure Map now!

Draw tickets
Impact stories
Map template

Challenge Poverty booklet

Need some help explaining Oxfam Trailwalker and Oxfam’s work to your friends?

This small booklet covers all the basics and is the perfect tool to hand out to your donors or to make available at your fundraising events.

You’ll find some samples in your team’s welcome pack. Contact us to order more or download your Challenge Poverty booklet now.

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Money boxes

A simple, fold up money box. Leave it at home for your coins, set up a swear ‘jar’ or place it on your desk at work for people to put their spare change in.

You’ll find one for each team member in your team’s welcome pack. Contact us to order more.

How to transfer your fundraising money

To bank money raised via your money box, treasure map raffle or chocolate sales, make one donation on your Teamspace via your credit card to cover all funds. 

  1. Go to your Teamspace page and click ‘Donate to our team’ (you must ensure you are not logged in at this point)
  2. Enter the amount and in the message box ‘Money box fundraising’ or ‘Oxfam Fair chocolate fundraising’
  3. Complete your billing and card details
  4. Under ‘Payment Details’ select ‘Please issue my receipt in My Organisation’ and type “Money box fundraising” or “Oxfam Fair chocolate fundraising”
  5. Click ‘confirm’. A summary page will appear, click ‘confirm’ on the second page to complete your transaction

NB: a receipt will be generated, but this is for your records only and cannot be used for tax purposes