Chocolate Fundraising

Oxfam Fair fundraising chocolate orders are now open. With two, new smaller bars and delivery to metropolitan addresses, it’s a wonderful fundraising resource! It tastes delicious and it’s easy because everybody loves chocolate — and Fairtrade chocolate has an added feel-good factor!

Order your fundraising chocolate online

Scroll to the bottom of the page to add the boxes you’d like to your cart.

Check out our information sheet to find out more and see below how much fundraising profit you can bring in by selling chocolate:

Chocolate Size Cost of Box Units Per Box Suggested RRP Profit Per Unit Profit per box
50g bars $50.00 35 $2.50 $1.07 $37.45
95g block $25.00 (limited time offer!) 15 $4.00 $2.33 $35.00

Banking your fair chocolate fundraising money

The quickest and easiest way to add your chocolate sales to your fundraising total is to bank it on your Teamspace page:

  • Go to your Teamspace page, but make sure you are not logged in
  • Fill in the donation payment details and select the option to make a donation “in my organisation’s name”
  • Enter “Oxfam fair chocolate fundraising” in the organisation field
  • Complete the rest of the form as normal

If you don’t have online/credit card access, you can bank the money via cheque:

  • Send only one cheque to cover all your chocolate sales
  • Make the cheque out to: Oxfam Australia
  • Write your name, team name, team number, event location and the words “Oxfam fair chocolate fundraising” on the back
  • Send the cheque to: Oxfam Trailwalker – 132 Leicester Street, Carlton, Victoria, 3053