Hosting an event

Organising a fundraising event can be a lot of fun. You can make it as simple or as complex as you like. Fundraisers can be an effective way to raise money and to give something back to those supporting you.

Think sausage sizzles, cinema fundraisers, morning teas or trivia nights – the options are endless. Oxfam Trailwalker have a huge range of fundraising materials including posters, money boxes and banners which you can use to really make your even pop.

Be sure to let your supporters know exactly what you are doing, how challenging it is, and why you are supporting Oxfam Australia. They will feel more involved in what you are doing and why you are raising funds. Be creative, tap into your own talents and those of friends and family, and most of all have fun!

Looking for some ideas? Be inspired by these innovative, and often simple, fundraising ideas which proved very successful for our teams in previous years.

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Fundraising success stories

The trivia night

Fundraising potential: $1500+
There is a reason why the trusty trivia night is such a popular fundraiser: because it works! A trivia or pub quiz night can raise funds from the ticket price, a raffle, a silent auction and team games on the night. The possibilities are endless. Team The Walking Dead held a silent auction using items donated from local businesses during their trivia night and raised $2,000.
Hint: If you’re not a quiz-master yourself check out the sample questions featured on the online fundraising toolkit or ask your local pub quiz-master if they’d like to get involved!

Get the kids involved

Fundraising potential: $500+
Fundraising can be a family affair and many teams have had great success by involving their kids. Getting your kids involved is a good way to educate them about the issue of poverty as well as raise funds for your team. Talk to your school about holding a mufti or free dress day with the gold coin donations going towards your team’s fundraising. After an inspiring talk from a member of Team All Fired Up the students from Eltham College pledged to give up their luxuries — their beds, technology and sweets and raised more than $2,000 for the team and Oxfam.
Hint: Organise with the school principal or a teacher to speak at the school about Oxfam’s work to help engage the kids with the cause they are fundraising for.

Make an ordinary dinner party extraordinary

Fundraising potential: $1500+
Why not add some extra sparkle and bling to an otherwise ordinary dinner occasion and host your own themed dinner party or cocktail event. It’s as simple as choosing a venue (whether it be a team member’s house or a room in the local pub), selecting a fun theme and organising some nibbles and drinks. Teams Globe Trotters and VMware Wanderers partnered up to host a Great Gatsby cocktail night and raised more than $6,500.
Hint: If feather boas and flapper dresses aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other themes to choose from, like around-the-world, 80’s prom or movie stars. The possibilities are endless!

Workplace fundraising

Fundraising potential: $500+
Do your work colleagues tend to munch their lunch in front of their computer screen every day? Why not beat the office blues and host your own luncheon at work for your colleagues. All you need to do is send around a fun email inviting everyone to bring a dish to lunch on a certain date and to make a $10 donation to sample all the delicious creations your colleagues concoct! Team Where Is My Bike hosted a lunch time potluck and raised $640 for Oxfam.
Hint: To spice it up a bit, why not ask everyone to bring an international dish and then decorate your lunch room to suit the theme?

Clothes jumble

Fundraising potential: $1000+
Give your supporters the opportunity to donate to a good cause … and grab a bargain! Team 123…Go! had a huge response when they asked their friends and colleagues to donate their unloved clothes to their clothes jumble. The team used their office conference space as a central venue and items were up-for-grabs — for a suggested donation of course! With the help of weekly reminder emails and some enthusiastic shoppers, they raised $1700 in just two hours.
Happy shopping!
Hint: Up the ante (and your fundraising) by offering to collect unloved clothes from their homes for a collectors fee to your Teamspace!

Everybody loves chocolate

Fundraising potential: The sky is the limit!
If you want an easy and carefree way to fundraise, Oxfam fair chocolates are a hit. Once you’ve received your order, place a fundraising poster and collection box next to your chocolates, put out some samples, send an email to your colleagues and watch them sell themselves.
Chocolate isn’t just for the office. Team In Hot Water (a team of Bikram yoga teachers) encouraged their students to support them by promising to go easy on them in class if they purchased chocolate. The team managed to sell 534 bars of chocolate and raise $2400.
Hint: Selling Oxfam fair chocolate not only fundraises in support of our vital program work, it also ensures local producers in developing countries get a fair price for their product. What could be sweeter than that?

Other ideas your team might like to consider:

  • garage sale
  • swear box
  • guessing competition
  • karaoke competition
  • pub crawl
  • golf day
  • band night
  • mini golf
  • go-kart racing
  • treasure hunt
  • custom-labelled wine
  • greeting cards

Contact the Oxfam Trailwalker staff for further advice and ideas for fundraising events.

Fundraise online with auctions and events:

Oxfam Trailwalker has joined with Charity Bid to help you bank even more fundraising dollars. After setting up a free profile, you can use it to manage auction items, receive donations and sell tickets to fundraising events. Supporters can easily donate items direct to your team site and Charity Bid will auction them on your behalf. They’ll also help you source, list and advertise your items, handle payments, and transfer all proceeds directly to Oxfam Trailwalker. Read the Charity Bids info sheet for more information.

*Please note that these ticketing platforms are designed specifically for ticket sales only, which are non-tax deductible. If a ticket holder would like to make a donation, please direct them to your Teamspace.

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