Dear [insert name],

Happy Holidays!

What are you up to this festive season? While we’re all enjoying Christmas ham and swimming at the beach, I’ll also be getting ready for the ultimate challenge. I’d like to ask for your support in making a gift that keeps on giving; it’s a gift that will have a life-changing effect on the lives of people living in poverty around the world.

This year I will be taking on the incredible challenge of walking Oxfam Trailwalker [insert state]. I’ve entered this event with [person A, B and C] and we have [insert 24 or 48] hours to walk or run the [insert 50/55/60 or 100]km trail. The trail will take us through some of Australia’s most beautiful and rugged bushland, and it’s very likely that we’ll walk through the night (with little or no sleep) until the very end.

My team, [insert your team name], is hoping to raise more than [insert your $ fundraising target] to help some of the world’s poorest people. This is where you come in!

Our team’s fundraising (your donation!) enables Oxfam Australia to continue its work delivering projects in areas such as sanitation, health and education. Oxfam supports community development and influences policies to reduce poverty across more than 39 countries, including within Indigenous Australia.

We’ve already started training and planning for event weekend; in fact, we’ll be doing this for the next few months to ensure we cross the Finish line as a team of four. However, before the we reach the Finish, we have to make it to the start; to do that, we must raise a minimum of $1,400 as a team!

This Christmas, in lieu of a present, please gift a donation of [insert dollar amount] to support me as I prepare to challenge myself and challenge poverty.

Donate here [hyperlink to your Teamspace]

Happy holidays!