Dear [insert name],

Talk about a challenge!

In [insert event month], myself and three team mates will be walking [how far?] to raise money and awareness for Oxfam Australia. The event is Oxfam Trailwalker. It begins at [insert start location], passes through challenging bushland and stunning national parks, and finishes at [insert finish location].

Teams of four enter this event and have 48 hours to walk or run the [XX km] trail, although our team is hoping to finish in [insert target time].  It’s very likely that we’ll walk through the night (with little or no sleep) until the end. The event raises vital funds for Oxfam Australia.  Oxfam is an independent, secular, non-government organisation working in more than 28 countries and Indigenous Australia.

My team [insert your team name] is hoping to raise well over [insert your $ fundraising target] to help some of the world’s poorest people. Our fundraising enables Oxfam to continue its work delivering projects that support orphans and people affected by HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa, that educate people in Laos on efficient farming techniques and that improve Indigenous health and wellbeing in regional Australia.

My Oxfam Trailwalker team, [insert your team member’s names] and I will be going the distance and we hope that you can support us in this massive challenge. Please consider how you may be able to get behind us, either by sponsoring us directly or sharing our journey (and Teamspace) with your contacts.  If you would like to sponsor us please follow the link: [insert the link to your teamspace]

The work that Oxfam does is vital to so many people worldwide and [XX km] is a long way to walk!  But putting ourselves through months of intense training will be worth it for the impact our fundraising has on others through Oxfam Australia’s programs.

We ask you to please give generously and consider that your donation will make a real difference.

Thank you!