Exploring the route of Perth Trailwalker

The stunning Perth 100km trail kicks off at Darlington, while the 50km event begins at Chidlow Recreation Ground and follow sections 5–8 of the trail finishing at Forrestfield.

Find out more comprehensive detail of the trail in the

2018 Oxfam Trailwalker Perth Mapbook.


Beginning in Darlington, 100km teams will travel along the flat Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, through to Swan View. Warming up for the longest trail section in John Forest National Park, it’s a brave walk through the Swan View Tunnel, then onto the challenging yet rewarding Eagle View Walk Trail which offers some spectacular views over Perth. Rejoining the Heritage Trail, teams will pass through the quaint villages of Parkerville, Stoneville and Mt Helena, enjoying the relatively flat walking terrain. Teams will continue around the tranquil Lake Leschenaultia before arriving in Chidlow – the half way mark! Chidlow is the first camping checkpoint and offers the last chance for some feet-up time and a quick snooze, before teams tackle the last 50km.

Chidlow marks the beginning for the 50km teams and will transform into a bustling start line on Saturday morning of event weekend, as bright-eyed 50km teams take on this memorable, one-day challenge!

From Chidlow, all teams will continue onto Mundaring along the Heritage Trail, passing through quirky Sculpture Park and charming Darlington, before heading south along suburban pathways to Helena Valley. The challenge intensifies as the trail passes over rugged and rocky hills en route to Statham’s Quarry, and the unique Zig Zag Scenic Drive. The trail continues south, meandering through hilly yet picturesque areas of Gooseberry Hill, and back onto the flat Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail to reach Stirk Park in Kalamunda. From here, it’s the final push on the home stretch through Mundy Regional Park for a challenging but spectacular final section! The trail varies, teams tackling rocky descents and a few challenging hills, meandering along Whistlepipe Gully the impressive Les Murdie Waterfalls, before some suburban walking to reach the finish line at Federation Gardens in Forrestfield.


Checkpoints on the Perth trail

Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience when you take on the challenging and beautiful Perth trail.

Start – Checkpoint 1 8.8km

Darlington to Swan View

Cumulative total: 8.8.km

Departing Darlington, participants will walk mostly on the Heritage Trail, towards Brown Park in Swan View. In this section, teams will walk along a wide open, accessible section of the Heritage Trail. It is mostly flat walking through the beautiful quaint location of Darlington on the way to suburban Swan View.

Note: this section is not part of the 50km distance.

Section 1 map

Checkpoint 1 – Checkpoint 2 18.2km

Swan View to John Forrest National Park

Cumulative total: 27km

Departing Checkpoint 1, this next section is a tough one. Continuing on the Heritage Trail, walkers will pass through a section of the beautiful John Forrest National Park in Hovea. After braving the historic Swan View Tunnel built in 1895, teams will cross the National Park Falls and join the to Eagle View Trail. This long and testing section will reward walkers with some spectacular views of Perth.

Note: this section is not part of the 50km distance.

Section 2 map

Checkpoint 2 – Checkpoint 3 12.4km

John Forrest National Park to Mount Helena

Cumulative total: 39.4km

Departing from Checkpoint 2 and rejoining the Heritage Trail, walkers will pass through the quaint villages of Parkerville, Stoneville and Mount Helena to arrive at Checkpoint 3; based at the Elsie Austen Oval on Keane Street, Mount Helena. Enjoy the beautiful local flora and fauna along the way.

Note: this section is not part of the 50km distance.

Section 3 map

Checkpoint 3 – Checkpoint 4 10.6km

Mt Helena to Chidlow

Cumulative total: 50.km

Departing Checkpoint 3, the trail takes walkers around the lovely Lake Leschenaultia in the Leschenaultia Conservation Park. A man-made lake constructed in 1897 for the railway line water supplies, it is now a recreation area for locals and visitors alike. Once around the Lake, walkers will head to Checkpoint 4 at the Chidlow Recreation Ground, the half way point– a picturesque wide open space where teams can camp for the night to recharge the batteries before the second half of the walk.

Note: this section is not part of the 50km distance.

Section 4 map

Checkpoint 4 – Checkpoint 5 13.2km

Chidlow to Mundaring

Checkpoint 4, Childow, is the start for the 50km event.

Cumulative total: 63.2km

Departing from Checkpoint 4, teams follow the Heritage Trail towards Mundaring. This section takes walkers alongside the Goldfields Pipeline that winds its way from the Perth Hills to the Goldfields and has been an important source of water since 1903. Upon arriving in Mundaring walkers will enter the charming Sculpture Park in Mundaring where they will find Checkpoint 5.

Section 5 map

Checkpoint 5 – Checkpoint 6 9.7km

Mundaring to Darlington

Cumulative total: 72.9km

From Mundaring’s picturesque Sculpture Park the trail departing from Checkpoint 5 follows the historic Heritage Trail through Mahogany Creek and Glen Forrest down to Darlington. This is an easy section prior to some more challenging walking to follow.

Section 6 map

Checkpoint 6 – Checkpoint 7 16.1km

Cumulative total: 89km

Departing from Checkpoint 6 and the quaint town site of Darlington walkers will pass through Helena Valley on some easy suburban pathways, to rejoin the rugged trail for some undulating rocky hill climbs and descents, on route to Statham’s Quarry. The Trail continues past Zig-Zag Scenic Drive and onwards towards Kalamunda, meandering through hilly areas which offer some great views of Perth city. Whilst this section of trail is challenging and has some steep and rocky trails, it is balanced by a flat walk along the Heritage Trail which will take you to Stirk Park in Kalamunda.Section 7 map

Checkpoint 7 – Finish 11km

Kalamunda to Forrestfield (Finish)

Cumulative total: 100km

Departing from Checkpoint 7 and the pleasant Stirk Park for the final leg of the journey, walkers will head through Kalamunda into the Mundy Regional Park. This section, although reasonably difficult will offer some of the best views and takes you past the scenic Lesmurdie Falls. You will exit Mundy Regional Park at Forrestfield and enjoy an easy suburban walk to the finish line at Federation Gardens in Forrestfield, where you can celebrate your amazing achievement!

Section 8 map