Behind every great team is an even greater support crew. Support crew members are the unsung heroes of the event; they will provide your team with unconditional love, dedicated support and endless motivation throughout your journey. You could not complete Trailwalker without them!

Download our support crew guide

Things to consider

Choosing your crew

Ideally, your support crew will include people who understand the nature of the event or have even participated themselves. You will need at least two people in each crew — one to drive and one to navigate.

You may have more than one crew working in shifts over the weekend, but remember that only one vehicle pass will be issued to each team at the briefing night. Vehicles will not be allowed into checkpoints without the pass, so plan accordingly if you do have more than one crew.

Registering your crew

Once you’ve spoken with your support crew, please register their details through your Teamspace (once you log in, look for “Support Crew” on the left side). We’ll send important information to your support crew prior to event weekend, and we want to be sure they have access to all the maps and directions they’ll need!

Involving your crew

Your support crew is an extension of your team, so involve them in your training walks, fundraising efforts and team meetings. Encourage your support crew members to join you on the trail so they can get to know your team and see first-hand the enormous challenge you’re undertaking.

On the event weekend, communicate with your support crew. They’ll be eager to know how you’re progressing and when exactly they should be ready for you.

Preparing your crew

It’s important to prepare your crew for the event so they know what’s expected of them. They will work very hard and get little sleep so take care of them and they’ll take care of you!

Please encourage your support crew to read our comprehensive Support Crew GuideYou can download it here (PDF).

And don’t forget to check out the Support crew checklists for everything your support crew will need.

Acknowledging your crew

The strongest teams are supported by the strongest crews — without them, the journey would be a whole lot tougher. Let them know how important they are and celebrate your success together!