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Estimated Time: 24hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

After doing Trailwalker in 2007, Sal and Kaz have decided to do it all again!
Nat wised up since that 2007 event and has opted to be support crew this time round. For a laugh, she has put her husband, John, in her place.
Rounding out the team is Susie, Sal's cousin. Susie's wit and charm have been very welcome during the long training hikes.
Our team name relates to the method which our poor sole male, John, employs to block out the incessant chatter of his very female team mates...

Internal Monologue Blog

02 May 2012 by Karen Uden

Friday the 20th of April, 2012, finally arrived for team Internal Monologue – one of 745 teams to hit the starting line for the Oxfam…


12 Apr 2012 by Karen Uden

Holy Cow! We blinked and it was suddenly just one week until Oxfam Trailwalker!!

Kaz, Sal, John and Nat did a big 37.5km hike a few weeks back,…


19 Mar 2012 by Karen Uden

Here is a sample of what went through our minds last weekend, as team ‘Internal Monologue’ (Kaz, Sal, Susie and John, plus support crew…


18 Feb 2012 by Karen Uden

Our lastest training hike for our April assault on the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker took place in Lorne on Sunday the 11th of Feb.



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