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Estimated Time: 30hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

This foursome was brought together by Vanessa the lazy love child and Jo her favourite friend. They met one summers day at uni and thats when the adventures started.

This is just one more adventure, initiated by Clinton who talked Jo and Carlos into walking 100km one lonely evening.

I'm sure our walks will consist of Clinton picking on Carlos because he's Spanish, Jo naively thinking that it'll be easy, Carlos stopping to look at insects and Vanessa powering along putting us all to shame.

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22 Apr 2012 by Joanne Rix

Over 40 hours later... we finish the challenge... and what a challenge it was.

Day 1 threw the elements at us and we walked in the rain for…


19 Mar 2012 by Joanne Rix

What a long day...

In preparation for our big walk on Sunday, we cooked up some home made pizzas on Saturday night and went to bed later than…


19 Mar 2012 by Joanne Rix

In the interests of not driving too far last weekend we decided to keep it local and walk the 30km from Elwood Beack to Beaumaris and back. 


19 Feb 2012 by Joanne Rix

Today we took it relatively easy and only pushed ourselves to do 22kms - Checkpoint 2 - 4.  Now we've done all sections of the trail except the…


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