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Estimated Time: 25hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

We’re back! Still Walking on the Wild Side is the 2012 reincarnation of the 2011 Walk on the Wild Side. With Amanda, Rohan and Stephen returning, along with debutant Chris, we’re really excited about being part of Trailwalker 2012 and the opportunity to raise money for Oxfam and have a pleasant stroll in the bush. With the support of family and friends and work colleagues, last year we raised $3128 and aim to better that this year, just as we also hope to better last years time of 27 hours by spending less time in the podiatry tent.

Still Walking on the Wild Side Blog

30 Jan 2012 by Stephen Greig

With Amanda and Rohan battling the complexities of rotating shifts, it was time for the senior half of the team, Stephen and Chris, to hit the hills…


18 Jan 2012 by Stephen Greig

.......with apologies to Ernest. It was good to get back to One Tree Hill and Environs last Saturday morning, the location of not so extensive training…


13 Jan 2012 by Stephen Greig

No team meetings, no team walks, keeping off the course........yes, Still Walking on the Wild Side is following the successful 2011 model to the letter.…


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