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8 feet West

Estimated Time: 27hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

All 8 feet in our team were born and bred in the West - Perth in fact! Well…actually… Megan is from Melbourne – but I think she has some claims to the West - Western suburbs? West of the MCG? Or sleeps on the West side of her bed? I’ve yet to meet Megan due to my current Westerly location (Perth), however, if she has no claim to the ‘West’ then I will make sure that she walks on the Westside for the whole 100kms!

8 feet West Blog

11 Apr 2012 by Siobhan Hickling

Megan's Easter hike to Mt Howitt and the Crosscut Saw...dragging the family into the training routine!

Some spectacular views followed…


05 Apr 2012 by Siobhan Hickling
Many thanks to the 8/9's (and the parents and teachers) at Preshil Junior School for their wonderful efforts at the cake stall.  All…


05 Apr 2012 by Siobhan Hickling

Thanks to all the generous Richmond Primary School community who donated, baked, served and ate to help the cake stall be such an resounding…


03 Apr 2012 by Siobhan Hickling

The weather has been rather warm in Perth in the lead up to the Melbourne Oxfam so Siobhan has done most of her fitness training with friends in the…


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