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Estimated Time: 20hrs Start Time: 7:01am Friday April 20 2012

The first rule of Trailwalk is; no running up hills. The 2nd rule of Trailwalk is no running down hills! Pete, Jac, Kris and Hamish are really excited about the upcoming Trailwalk. Our team aim is to complete the walk in somewhere from 20 to 22 hours. Our training is going well but we have some big kms in front of us. Thanks for your support.

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03 Apr 2012 by Peter Somerville

Musings are pleased to announce that Alex, Nick, Lucy, Simon, Si and Jane have agreed to be our support team for this year's event.  Not only…


26 Mar 2012 by Peter Somerville

Saturday saw the musers departing a wet. foggy and soggy Olinda for their run down to Lysterfield Lake  and back.  The run went very well…


26 Mar 2012 by Peter Somerville

Our team have been allocated a 7am start for the trailwalk, which is just what we wanted!  An early start to a long day!  Actually, it is…


20 Feb 2012 by Peter Somerville

Saturday's 40km run/walk went very well.  We covered the last 40km in 6.5 hours.  Lovely walking along the aquaduct, if only we will feel…


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