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Estimated Time: 20hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

Team 501 is back for another shot at the big time. Captain J G V Trenerry again leads an Origin Energy team down a path the likes of Frodo and Samwise dare not venture. With the Origin record at stake, a power house of trailwalking tradition complements the fold. Returning veterans Speed-Demon-Deja Robertson and Stephen "Munners" Munro provide wisdom and knowledge greater than that Jedi Grandmaster Master Yoda could muster whilst support-crew-turned-team-freshman Justin Nicholson chomps at the bit to prove his worth. Team 501– getting it done.

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20 Mar 2012 by James Trenerry

Run DMC, a team supported by Origin Energy, consists of four individuals from various sporting and physical backgrounds.

Our goal is to complete…


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