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Estimated Time: 30hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

The Hot Foot Mamas inaugural Trailwalker team consists of Ev, Marina, Di, Nicki ( and first reserve Susan) - mums from the MGS Grimwade House community. As our childrens’ role models, we want to give something back to society. Yes, there'll be blisters, aches and tears, but we're going to put our hearts and souls into it. Who would've thought that 4 working mums with young kids would have the guts to attempt the 100kms! We hope our efforts and actions will inspire our children to pursue their goals for greater good. Please donate !

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25 Apr 2012 by Evelyn Lew

In the words of a Hot Foot Mama, that was the perfect walk.

We had a strategy and everything fell into place. Possibly the biggest achievement…


21 Apr 2012 by Evelyn Lew

Done! Challenge complete, a proud moment for a wonderful team.

Thanks to our supporters and donors to help Oxfam.



21 Apr 2012 by Evelyn Lew

7km to go.


21 Apr 2012 by Evelyn Lew

Woori Yallock Primary School turned it on this morning, as did the yucky truck pumping out the port-a-loos while walkers slept close by - perfect on…


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