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Estimated Time: 20hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Gusken are highly motivated and talented individuals keen to participate in the ultimate gut busting event, and raise money for a good cause.

'Oh no I'm too unfit', 'It's too far', 'My feet will hurt'.......
Team Gusken are about affirmative action, heart, soul, abs, and the freedom to pig out on jubes during the challenge, without the worry of them going straight to their thighs.

Team Gusken dedicates this event to their beloved friends Ken and Gus, who epitomise the spirit and values contained within.

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26 Apr 2012 by Hamish Christie

Finish Line


20 Nov 2011 by Hamish Christie

Team Gusken had their first training run on the weekend - The Upstream 50km Challenge. Unfortunately not all team members were able to attend, with…


28 Oct 2011 by Hamish Christie

Welcome to the Team Gusken Blog....


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