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Team SMB

Estimated Time: 24hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

What do you get when you cross 3 accountants and a recruitment specialist?
Four crazy but dedicated people who would endure themselves to rigorous training and the harsh summer climates of Melbourne - all for charity.
The team includes:
Philip - Team leader and second time entrant (the first time wasn't punishment enough). a.k.a. Anchor.
Alister - the baby of the team but first time walker - a.k.a. Big Al.
Slava - the old man of the team and first time walker (what an effort) - a.k.a. Puffy.
Liam - the marathon man - a.k.a. Forrest.

Team SMB Blog

05 Apr 2012 by Philip Hii

With only two weeks to go, the team only has one injury concern, being Liam's ankle.  Luckily Liam has confirmed that there is no ligament damage…


03 Apr 2012 by Philip Hii

On Saturday the team, equipped with 6-8kg backpacks, embarked on a monster walk of 48.3km, from Olinda Reserve to Warburton Golf Club.  Liam added…


26 Mar 2012 by Philip Hii

Training last weekend on Saturday was at the infamouse 1,000 steps at the foot of the Dandenongs.  A drizzly morning increased the difficulty…


23 Mar 2012 by Philip Hii

Last Sunday, team SMB (less Liam) tackled the last two stages of the Oxfam trail, being Launching place to Warburton Golf Club and then up Mount Little…


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