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Estimated Time: 24hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

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We are awesome. If you had to rank us in order, I would probably say me (Anne) is totally the best, but Cath comes a close second. Courtney and Scott are tied for 3rd. Scott reckons that man probably could live by bread alone, as long as it is made properly. Courtney reckons tinned ravioli is great. So, give us lots of donations. Whatever you were thinking of giving - please double it. That will motivate us to walk even more. By Courtney. Team Capitano Supremo.

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14 Nov 2011 by Anne Clowes

Okay now that Courtney has left the building (well office) I can now add to our blog in relative safety (he's probably in the pantry eating peanut butter…


02 Nov 2011 by Cathie Megee

Have been contemplating the usefulness of sensory compromise in my lower legs (aka can't feel a wretched thing) and have concluded that it is a good thing.…


31 Oct 2011 by Anne Clowes

Today I did some carb loading. I know its early, but I am keen to get in as much practice as possible. So, I ate a 100g pack of twisties, a slurpee, and…


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