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Estimated Time: 22hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

Well, we're at it again - for some reason taking a few years off our life all in the name of charity. In a nutshell, we are...

Shane Davin - (4th Oxfam Trailwalker): Athlete, engineer, and beer lover...

Matthew Czarnota-Bojarski - (4th Oxfam Trailwalker): Cricketer, aspriring Engineer, and beer lover #2...

Lara Czarnota-Bojarski - (2nd Oxfam Trailwalker): Mother, horse-rider and marathon runner...

Chris Koerntjes - (2nd Oxfam Trailwalker): Kick boxer, gym junkie, and beer lover #3...

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16 Apr 2012 by Shane Davin

Well, this is it I guess. It seems only last week that the trailwalker was months away, there was plenty of time to train and procrastination was king.…


07 Mar 2012 by Shane Davin

Less than 2 months to go until the main event. Getting all four team members together for a training session at the same time has been difficult, but…


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