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Well Lou, Justin and Carly wanted to take up the challenge of Oxfam Trailwalker this year (2011) but when they found out the date was a week before Lou and Justin's wedding, they quickly lost interest (Lou had images of not actually being able to walk down the isle ..). So all fired up and ready to enter for 2012, the only issue was finding a fourth member .... And that's where Jen comes in. She was cajoled/bullied/blackmailed into joining the team. And as a sign of gratitude our team name is in her honour!

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28 Feb 2012 by Carlina Black

our fundraiser is this Thursday and so far thanks to great family and friends we have raised $850. Go team!


11 Feb 2012 by Carlina Black

Last weekend we ventured to templestowe and an early morning walk to beat the heat saw us walking with kangaroos, rabbits, and ducks. We included some…


31 Jan 2012 by Carlina Black

With Lou and Justin back in the country after their South American adventures, we had our first team walk last night. We went for a lovely 18km walk…


31 Jan 2012 by Carlina Black

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce our new team member to the gruelling and outright mad 100km Oxfam walk!!! Welcome Trent…


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