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Estimated Time: 40hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

Introducing team Altraccas, mother Tracey & daughter Carly have teamed up with good friends Cathy & Aleisha a mix of young & younger.New shoes & a few training sessions’ later things started to get serious & the first info night made us realise this is going to be a physical & mental challenge.We are busy fundraising, planning our walks & keeping fit to ensure we are able to complete this challenge. It is great getting outdoors on weekends visiting some beautiful places on the Coast & coming home with a story or 2 about our walking adventures

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11 Mar 2012 by Tracey McNaughton
Our 50km walk to Lorne led us of the track before we knew it we were bushing bashing. One hour later he retired as leader. Led by…


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