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Estimated Time: 25hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

4 friends heading out for an adventure, some team bonding and a physical and emotional challange.
I think I am actually having a midlife crisis and the other three are coming along for the ride!
So thanks to Maya, Em and David for agreeing to join me in the challange.

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12 Apr 2012 by Sally Douglas

PS Thanks again to everyone who has sponsored us. Cant believe we are almost up to $3000. We really, really appreciate all of your support.


12 Apr 2012 by Sally Douglas

The four of us walked from Checkpoint 7 to the end and back a couple of weeks ago. Was a beautiful day not a drop of rain in sight. Lots of trailwalkers…


24 Mar 2012 by Sally Douglas

We would very much like to welcome David Furniss aka Furni to our team, and for stepping in at the 11th hour, we are looking forward walking 100ks…


21 Mar 2012 by Sally Douglas

Lovely day for a walk last Saturday!

Walked for 35kms along the Eastern. Not a drop of rain in sight - hopefully this will continue.



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