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Estimated Time: 17hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

It's final-we have a team!
Not quite 'bat girls + 1' anymore, unless we can persuade Simo or Jezz to 'drag' up on the day!
We are at it again and we know some of you are asking WHY? We're not sure there is a 'sane' explanation that would make any sense to most of you, but it's all locked in, so 100km here we come!
The aim is to break 17hrs-that's a 7am start & done before midnight. We know the ground crew are keen to be in bed before 6am this year so wish us luck!
We'd love you to help us in this adventure by donating.
Thanks a million!

Bat Girls + 1 Blog

09 Mar 2012 by Aliesha Bruce

Hello - red belly black snake!  Thank goodness Aliesha had done her first aid level 1 refresher the day before this session when she ran straight…


09 Mar 2012 by Aliesha Bruce

Our first full team training session for awhile, which we all survived.  Even made it up Hackett's hill!  We might have been a little more…


12 Feb 2012 by Aliesha Bruce

Our first double up of the track today (well nearly) - 22km later and we'd survived. Our adventure included over 500m of incline (some almost vertical),…


12 Feb 2012 by Aliesha Bruce

Feeling like we need to up the anti a little we hit the pavement in and around Melbourne for a midweek session. We're down to 3 again after an early…


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