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Estimated Time: 27hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

8 tired feet have come together from all directions for Oxfam!! 6 of the feet (Hannah, Kath and Deb) met in 2008 on a pregnancy web forum and have seen each other through many highs and lows.
Doing the Oxfam trail walk together has given the 3 girls a chance to meet up together in person for the very first time!! The 2 other feet (Ja) also has a strong belief in supporting others.
We can’t think of a better motivation for fitness than training for the Oxfam trail walk. 8 tired feet is a small price to pay!

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22 Nov 2011 by Katherine Curry

Ja and Kath represented 8 tired feet at the information night last night. the air was filled with nervous chatter and the occassional exclamation as the…


13 Nov 2011 by Katherine Curry

Today we all met face to face for the first time. With all the kids running around and husbands chasing them (our future support team) we settled down…


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