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The Yaysayers

Estimated Time: 30hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

Last year I was support crew for my husband Dan. Despite seeing the suffering and huge blisters, I thought – “I wonder if I can walk 100 km?” so I went looking for recruits. First was my old mate Melynda. I liquored her up and in her compromised state she said – “Cool! Yeah I’ll give it a shot.” Finding ppl to walk 100 km was difficult (who knew?) but we approached Tim, who agreed, and was enthusiastic! Finally, I cornered another old mate Bobba who replied incredulously “F*ck off!”, followed by “Hang on… wait”. After that he agreed!

The Yaysayers Blog

17 Jan 2012 by Sophie Broughton

A very tiring day, but we knocked off two of the hardest, steepest checkpoints. A very solid 23.5km!


11 Nov 2011 by Sophie Broughton

Well The Yaysayers are officially PUMPED FOR THE FORMAL! We had our first meeting at Red Spice Road so Bobba, our fantastic forth could meet our Tim and…


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