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Estimated Time: 28hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

We're a team of friends and family walking with our partner group, team #514: Happy Sundays ( While you couldn't technically call us fit we are super keen and committed to getting this done - regardless of how many tears and blisters we endure. Trailwalker novices - we are gathering information and tips at every corner. No idea is too small or too trivial so anything you have to share feel free to let us know.

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30 Mar 2012 by Jules Kajtar

Saturday was the day we took the leap and took on a 50km walk.  We departed Mt Evelyn at 5am in the chilly dark and walked along the Warburton…


30 Mar 2012 by Jules Kajtar

In honour of St Paddy (not of the Pallin variety), Azz and Jules from the B-league along with Meals from the Happy Sundays embarked on a 31km loop…


19 Mar 2012 by Jules Kajtar

On Saturday 25th Feb, we headed out in sweltering 30+ degree conditions!

We decided to tackle Checkpoint 4 to 5, starting off in Olinda and…


12 Feb 2012 by Jules Kajtar

Our next training session saw us walking in the wet as a team for the first time.

We set off just after lunch on the 11th February from Belgrave…


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