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Estimated Time: 29hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

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One crazy day 4 girls normally found in heels decided to make a shoe-change. Swapping sauvignon blanc for spring water, dinner parties for dirt tracks & podiatry was a change, but a worthwhile one. After all, blisters & exhaustion from a 100km walk raising money for Oxfam is much more valuable than those experienced after a night out. We didn't all know each other at the start of this challenge but we are keen to "finish it". Your support for Oxfam is welcomed - in the form of dollars. (And for us - in the form of foot massages)

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14 Apr 2012 by Molly McCaffrey

What we have done since November 2011:

We have completed approx 1,700kms total training between us - that is more than the length of New Zealand.…


08 Mar 2012 by Molly McCaffrey

Busy Busy Walking Busy ... The last 4 months have seen the FINISHETTES commence new careers, continue old ones with longer hours, relocate interstate…


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