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Estimated Time: 35hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

A team of four ladies this year, Carron and Maria (previous Oxfam participants) and Debbie and Dimi (new to Oxfam) who will attempt this challenging trail....the dos and dont's the negotiations on rest breaks, the best ways to attack those blisters...its all part of the decision making. We have no such decisions to make however, when we organise a social session around each walk, that's part of the fun! A very worthy cause, we are looking forward to the challenge and wish all participants all the very best...,happy walking - go teams!

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27 Mar 2012 by Maria Cardamone

So our biggest walk occurred over the last weekend, Sunday the 25th with a goal of 60k in mind.  Our team captain Carron methodically gave us…


15 Mar 2012 by Maria Cardamone

Ok so we  have pretty much covered all the track to date, quite a few kilometres have been covered by all four ladies, and one very dedicated…


21 Nov 2011 by Debbie Bau

We began our first training session on Sunday. It rained all day as we started from Jells Park and continued on to Check Point 1. As usual the team managed…


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