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Against the Odds

Estimated Time: 20hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

Four women. One tough and torturous trek. One common goal. On the 20th of April it all comes together.

After months of training, which had our team walking on average 30kms most Saturday mornings, the planning, the aches, bruises and the worn shoe rubber will quickly be forgotten when the finish line looms large.

For Inge, Lee, Kerrie and Sharon their catchcry is common and shared -- "Bring it on..."

Against the Odds Blog

21 Apr 2012 by Inge Kaiser

We battled rain. We had no sleep. THe hills were hard and food cold. It was hard. Very hard. In fact, it was tough going. AND was only the experience…


19 Apr 2012 by Inge Kaiser

A group shot...minus Lee (busy chasing donations...or so she said)


19 Apr 2012 by Inge Kaiser

Hey, hi and greetings.

It's 8.30pm -- time for a last sleep before up and out at 3.30am (THAT'S RIGHT!!!)

The ladies and support crew…


04 Apr 2012 by Inge Kaiser

Time is on the move.

We are only a couple of short weeks away from a 7am start from Jells Park. All the girls -forgive the political incorrectness-…


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