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Creep'n Crusaders

Estimated Time: 48hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

'Well we got a new dance, so get up on your feet. It's real easy to do & it's called THE CREEP!' Let me introduce you to the newest team on the trail, the Creep'n Crusaders. Consisting of Hollywood Creep'n (Ben), Creep'n Moose (Matt), Creep'n Diva (Sharon) & Creep'n Chrissy (Chris), come April 20th you'll be sure not to miss us as we set off, Creep'n the 100km. This is our little contribution to the wealth of awesome work Oxfam does. What a fantastic event! "So get your knees flexin & your arms T-Rexin" & support the Creep'n Crusaders!

Creep'n Crusaders Blog

26 Apr 2012 by Matthew Muscat

the journey began about 5 months ago where one of my friends (sharon) had the hair brained idea to join the oxfam trailwalker event. originally she…


24 Apr 2012 by Sharon Pillay Valoo

Photo at the finish line


24 Apr 2012 by Sharon Pillay Valoo

This adventure started a few months ago, when I had the
brilliant idea to walk 100km to raise money for Oxfam. I was lucky enough to


21 Mar 2012 by Sharon Pillay Valoo

Hi all,

We are having a fundraiser this saturday from 5-12 at Jamieson Way Community Centre:

There will be music, hotdogs,cakes for sale,raffle…


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