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Camino Largo

Estimated Time: 30hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

Illness has hit our team and has made the process a little challenging. Our original team is no longer.
Our walkers are still Shara and Janene and Matt and we have also recruited Erin.
Chris and Liz (Matt's wife) will be our support crew.
Healthy and happy walking!

Camino Largo Blog

19 Apr 2012 by Shara Knobel

Hi everyone

Cooking lasagna and cakes and biscuits for fuel. Car packed and ready to head down to Melbourne.

What a process just getting…


21 Mar 2012 by Shara Knobel

Well the girls are still going strong but the boys have called it quits! We have two new member, Mark Amos (Shara's bro and Erin (Janene's co-worker).…


26 Jan 2012 by Shara Knobel

Janene would you bloody well write a blog back!!


08 Jan 2012 by Shara Knobel

Yay we have our first donation! Thanks dad!


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