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Estimated Time: 47hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

Our team decided to do the oxfam challanage about 6 months ago when Alicia brought it to my attention (Mel) at work. Everyone thought we were crazy, so we need to find 2 more crazy people, turns out it wasn't that hard. Alicia asked her younger brother(GAVIN) who is very much in to fittness and one of her friends(Sarah) who is up for anything to join us and WALA! we had a team.
Alicia and i (Mel) work together 5days a week so once we started training we were seeing each other 7days aweeks, its a good thing we get along like 2peas in a pot!

Essence Blog

28 Dec 2011 by Melissa Hart

Views down near cape schank


28 Dec 2011 by Melissa Hart

Tuesday alicia and i attempted the cape schanck to authurs seat again (26km). It was alot easier this time and we finished it 30 minutes quicker. A…


04 Dec 2011 by Melissa Hart

Today Alicia and I (Melissa) got up at 4am and headed down to cape schanck to attempt the Two Bays walking track which is from cape schanck…


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