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Estimated Time: 24hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

Hi, we are a group of people who shared a common friend and a common desire to take on a personal challenge while helping others at the same time.

While the challenge seems daunting, we are all equally committed to make it the full distance!

Hope you can help support our team and our goals!

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22 Feb 2012 by Ian March

Hi, big thanks to those who have made donations to our team so far. Keeps me motivated to go out runnning and enjoy nice sunsets! 


13 Feb 2012 by Kate Boyle

Was good to get back out on the trail, but doing it in the dark was hard! It will be interesting after hours and hours of it on the day...hmmmm!


05 Feb 2012 by Ian March

Hi, who is looking forward to our first evening trianing session?!? I am!! Should we do Trail Section 2? It begins in Churchill Naitonal Park and goes…


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