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Estimated Time: 28hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

The team met at Mitcham Fernwood Gym during the 2011 Foxy Challenge. We motivated each other through the challenge to improve our fitness and lose weight. As we achieved these goals we started looking for activities to challenge ourselves. Karen had the idea of doing the Trailwalk, and, after a little discussion we formed a team. Our training has progressed, walking every day and team walks on Sundays. The Oxfam Trailwalk is a great combination of new challenges, improving our fitness and supporting a great cause. We hope you will support us!

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20 Feb 2012 by Karen Keefe

We decided a local walk was in order- no sleep though! The 6.30am start extended to 10 to 7 but we headed down to Yarran Deharran and picked up the…


20 Feb 2012 by Karen Keefe

Our first night walk started at Mt Evelyn Rec Reserve, up the hill and on the steady incline to the Cog Café and a short cut onto the Warbie…


20 Feb 2012 by Karen Keefe

Head of support crew Peter dropped us off at Olinda on a very chilly Australia Day morning for our second attempt at the Olinda to Mt Evelyn section…


15 Feb 2012 by Karen Keefe

Sunday short walk - Kofi Bean pancakes


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