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Estimated Time: 37hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

TEAM FUN FACTS>>ALI MAC: Instigator of the whole ordeal. Always up for a challenge. Netball enthusiast. Loves sport. Hates mashed potato.
KATE MAC: Mastermind behind our fundraising. Keeps fit to compensate a chocolate addiction. Loves cooking. Hates pickled onions.
JENNA: Maestro behind our perfect team name. Once had a fly go up her nose and out her mouth. Loves cold drinks on hot days. Hates long hair on men.
REENS: Designated team pace-setter. Cant live without a cup of tea. Loves netball and all sports. Hates bin juice and toe jam.

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23 Apr 2012 by Kate McArthur

Our team would like to THANK all our friends and family for all their support over the weekend!!

We had some really tough times…


31 Mar 2012 by Kate McArthur

Just in: Trivia Night Fundraiser was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Last night we held a trivia night at the local bowling club, in which…


03 Mar 2012 by Kate McArthur

Al Mac training for the big 100KM at Mt.Cannibal along side of Jenna.


03 Mar 2012 by Kate McArthur

Jenna Rees putting in those hard yards- Mt. Cannibal


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