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Estimated Time: 27hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

Stay on Track have come together from all walks of life to spend 30 hours together walking 100km's. Lisa is driving the team by completing all administraive procedures. Kate is hardcore.Penny is stressing about whether she can complete the trailwalk, considering she is the most experienced, we think she'll be fine. Then there is Ange. She is the hard working, enthusiastic, comic relief provider, want to be captain. We all agree the team would fall apart without her. Please follow us and 'Stay on Track'

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02 May 2012 by Lisa Palma

Well, it has been a while since our last blog, I'm actually not sure if there is anything of interst that has happened!!!

During our final week…


02 May 2012 by Lisa Palma

Look at the donations roll in!!! A big thank you to all our donars thus far, you've helped us immensely. Great to see Pen have so many friends, Lisa…


02 Apr 2012 by Lisa Palma

Well, for the first time, all team members were available to walk! We set off from the start and enjoyed a pleasant stroll to Lysterfield. After a change…


11 Mar 2012 by Lisa Palma

Well Pen and Ange walled through mud, ferns and towering trees with leeches and all!! Pen spent part of the walk to Ferny Creek concerned about the leeches…


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