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Twisted Blister

Estimated Time: 24hrs Start Time: 8:30am Friday April 20 2012

Team Bio

We at Twisted Blister are a group of dedicated chicks pumped for the Oxfam Challenge! Mel is so awesome she completed the Oxfam trailwalk last year in 27 hours. Fabulous Nicole has completed a 3 week Trek in the Everest region in Nepal, and more recently the Overland Track in Tasmania. Shanyn is a superstar who loves a challenge after not finding hiking in Nepal challenging enough not once but on two separate occasions. Kristina is very special because has participated in two half marathons, her most recent being the 2011 Gold Coast Half.

Twisted Blister Blog

20 Mar 2012 by Melissa Old

Pleased to say that nobody tumbled this week, despite many tree roots doing their best along the way. A highlight was definitely a close encounter…


20 Mar 2012 by Melissa Old

Several hours later we gave in to the rumbling of our tummies and quickly inhaled several Powerbars and muesli bars while analysing and debating the…


20 Mar 2012 by Melissa Old

This week's hike was shaping up to be a beauty with the chance to glimpse some breathtaking views over Mornington peninsula and Cape…


16 Mar 2012 by Kristina Tonkovic

Twisted Blister headed out to Mount Buller last weekend.  Nicole’s partner Dave was competing in the MTB Mountain Bike event and we also…


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