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Estimated Time: 30hrs Start Time: 10:00am Friday April 20 2012

The oldest (not wisest) is “Energiser Bunny” CAT. This bunny just keeps going & going (training or none!)
“Car-less CARA” may look little, but after walking & pedalling her way around town, she has legs off steel & the energy of a tequila shot (& red bull)
“Loco-motor FI” -the ‘little engine that could’ will keep chugging even after her legs are bloody stumps. Luckily she can nurse them to grow back!
Lastly, LIZ - our lass from the land of loch's is our last minute lifesaver!

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27 Mar 2012 by Fiona Watson

Our big fundraising day finally arrived, along with 55 hungry mouths to feed. Markov place in Carlton was the perfect venue; delicious food, beautiful…


31 Jan 2012 by Fiona Watson

So, apparently we need to train for this 100km business. Who on earth told us it would just be a walk in the park?!?

Here's us after our first…


10 Jan 2012 by Fiona Watson

Finally entering the trailwalker world - and just in time before we head into the double digit countdown tomorrow. Preparations are…


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