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Canberra Crawlers

Estimated Time: 20hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday June 15 2012

Team Bio

The Canberra Crawlers team of 2011 is stepping up once more to compete in the 2012 event in Brisbane. This time the team once again includes six time veterans Rod Vickers and Phil Jacobs, and newbies Rachel Yates and Jonathan Adams.

‘Rocket’ Vickers and ‘Leatherman’ Jacobs have once again signed up and are very determined to beat last years’ time of 21 hours 34 minutes. Oxfam virgins ‘Trojan’ Yates and ‘Eveready’ Adams are excited by the challenge of their very first Oxfam adventure.

Canberra Crawlers Blog

07 May 2012 by Phil Jacobs

As the big day rapidly approaches, 3/4 of the Canberra Crawlers braved the chill of a Canberra evening to scramble up the three major peaks surrounding…


02 May 2012 by Phil Jacobs

The Challenge: 7.6km circuit up Mt Ainslie and back around the mountain. See pic.

No matter how hard I push I can't break 50 minutes for this…


02 May 2012 by Phil Jacobs

On Saturday 28th Rachel (Trojan) and Phil (Leatherman) again took on the mountain with Rod (Rocket) and Jon (Eveready) were home under the doona!


02 May 2012 by Phil Jacobs

As the event rapidly approaches, the Crawlers are stepping up on the training front.

April 21st saw us scramble the 810 meter 7km climb up Mt…


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