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Estimated Time: 18hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday August 24 2012

The Scene: The Oxfam Trailwalker.The Cause: Raising awareness and funds for those in need.
The Stakes:Pride. And blisters. Actually, a lot of blisters. And possibly Josh’s ankle.
The Contenders: 4 graduates, from across Deloitte, united by a burning desire to not only challenge themselves, but to show what graduates can do when they work as a team.
Some would call them audacious, some would call them crazy, some will call them to ask where their report has gone, but they will overcome these obstacles and conquer the track.

And blisters

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10 Jul 2012 by Callum Mackay

What’s a good way to start training for a seriously long walk through some of the more rugged terrain that NSW has to offer?  Most people…


10 Jul 2012 by Callum Mackay

The first team walk was to be held the next day, but two eager members (Barnesy and Cal) decided that they would get in some early trail recon and…


03 Apr 2012 by Thomas Barnes

On a recent and long induction day one three graduates got to talking and realised that they had a lot in common including a history of being an athlete…


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