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Estimated Time: 35hrs Start Time: 7:00am Friday August 24 2012

We're a bunch of rude, crude, dudes that will do anything to win this race... Only Kidding. The COS we care team is a team of 8 but in 2 groups of 4. The team consists of The Hero: Gary, The Humble Man: Haris, The Giggles: Louise who replaced The Spider (Kristyn), Count Chocula: Iva, The Gun: Fay, The Queen Almighty: Lulu, The Baby Boomer: Joss and finally The Joker: Zaki This team of 8 troopers are ready to face the challenges and reach the final checkpoint of 100km.

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05 May 2012 by Haris Khan

Leech-free (Yes!), ant-free (YEs!) and mosquito-free (YES!). Steep, intense 12.5km, 3.5 hour long trek - perhaps the toughest so far fitness wise,…


22 Apr 2012 by Kristyn Begnell

Getting up at 5am was tough, but this morning Gary, Zaki, Haris and I arrived at Hawkesbury River station on time to start at 7am. It was an overcast,…


18 Apr 2012 by Kristyn Begnell

For our 2nd practice on the trail we decided to do the last 2 sections as we all wanted a bit of a rest after the tough session the week before. Everyone…


09 Apr 2012 by Kristyn Begnell

I don't know how I've got the energy to write this after today's walk!

We decided to hit up the section of trail between checkpoints 2 and 3…


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